Dear PoP – Police activity on park road Sat. Afternoon

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“Dear PoP,

I was driving home on Saturday around 2pm, up the stretch of Park Road between Rock Creek Park and the Klingle intersection, and came across an ambulance and two cop cars parked at the side of the road with lights flashing. The police were all in the woods (the park) to the side, so at first I thought a car had veered off the road. But there was no car — it looked like they’d found something (I couldn’t see what) in the woods and were marking it off with police tape. Obviously it felt really spooky. Any news about this?”

Another reader writes:

“Drove past a bunch of emergency vehicles on Park Road just north of Beach drive this afternoon. Two hours later, the paramedic-type vehicles were gone, but there were uniformed cops, plainclothes detectives, and an area visibly cordoned off with crime scene tape. I’m guessin’ they found a body. Will you let us know when news comes out?”

and sends a brief update from the Post:

“A body was found in Rock Creek Park on Saturday afternoon, police said.

Just before 2 p.m., a U.S. Park Police officer found the body near the 2000 block of Park Road NW, according to spokespeople for D.C. police and the U.S. Park Police.”

The body has still not been identified.

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  • A wellknown homeless man camped there. It is most likely him. Not sure if he will ever be “Identified” but locals and police know of him. very sad.

  • This was reported on one saturday afternoon local news cast too, but couldn’t find any other mention when I checked this morning. They interviewed some joggers with a “maybe it’s not safe” angle to the interviews.

  • If it bleeds it leads as they say. Local news probably lost interest when they found out it was just an old and handicapped homeless man that died.

  • I bet it was the guy with the single crutch who always walks up and down the street. I live right across from there and used to see him every morning walking up and every evening walking down…

    He’d go get a meal at the Sacred Heart church at 16th and Park, but always made his way back into Rock Creek by nightfall.

    If you ever see someone trying to brave the cold to sleep outside, call the DC Hypothermia line – they’ll make sure the person gets to shelter. 1-800-535-7252

  • I helped and tried to help that guy many times in the 1990s. He needed major help but without the ability to commit someone against their will nothing could happen to him.

  • I too saw that homeless man who was often at the doorway to Sacred Heart. I didn’t know he lived in Rock Creek Park. Sad news.

  • I haven’t seen any follow up on this story – has it been confirmed it was the guy with crutches?

  • Seems like the WP really dropped the ball. I’ve been searching for more info, but there’s been nothing since that very brief item in yesterday’s paper.

  • I can not confirm… but it does sound like a man who lived in the woods of Rock Creek Park just past the bridge headed into the park…

    it is shocking that they can not identify him
    if it is the man that lived there
    I always assumed that he was on the DC Metro Police and the Park Police radar… how could he not be

    definitely sad…

  • Why can’t DC commit people who are mentally disabled? This seems so wrong. If it was the man with the crutch…he was such a nice man, I talked to him many times, very gentle and completely out of it. I feel I let him down and that the city did too.

  • If it was the man with the crutch, it seems unlikely he would have died of hypothermia, having weathere far worse all winter. He was/is polite and kind, inspiring, and I hope inspires, respect and maintains an air of dignity. I am not sure he would have been better off from merely being committed.

    I am sorry for the passing of the man who was found and hope that ti was not the kind man with the crutch whose distance from us was not due to our repulsion, but our respect.


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