What the Helen of Troy is This?


There is a fenced off vacant lot on the 900 block of S Street, NW that has me baffled. Was this a playground at one point? What’s the metal structure inside? Anyone know what’s going on here? It seems so random on a traditional street filled with classic rowhouses.


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  • always wondered that myself. there’s a similar lot just a block away at 10th and r.

  • It was once a playground… I was born and raised at 933 S Street NW, and sold my family home (biggest mistake of my life) in the Spring of 2000. The park was fenced off sometime during the summer of 2000. I can’t recall ever seeing kids playing in the park, however drug dealers and users made great use of the park.

  • The structure inside is to climb and play on. We had one at my neighborhood playground when I was a kid. Don’t know the official name, but everyone called them “monkey bars” because of the way you climb on and through it.

    You certainly don’t see these much anymore, because I’m certain they are considered too dangerous.

  • Yes it is a jungle gym but from back in the days when kids were tougher. and parents didn’t sue at the scrape of a knee. Such a jungle gym wouldn’t be up to code these days.


  • There were 2 or 3 of the most treacherous playgrounds in this area. One was a concrete pyramid, with huge steps, like some sort of Brutalist architect version of a Mexican pyramid. Perfect for breaking an arm or a concussion.

    This one was similarly designed to maim. With so much concrete, it’s certainly possible that Jimmy Hoffa is buried under one of these playgrounds.

  • I like to sit in the middle, with my tin foil hat on and try to channel the Na’vi.

  • Reminds me of this SNL sketch, with Billy Bob Thornton:


  • Wow Teal, I actually know the person who bought that property. I too grew up in that neighborhood and remeber when kids actually played on that playground. I’m surprised it has not been redeveloped as a playground as there are a lot of families with young children on that block.

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