Good Deal or Not? “beautiful box window” Edition


This house is located at 906 Q Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Charming, BRIGHT, semi-detached, 2 br 2 ba rowhouse in the HEART of it all-Logan/14th St/U St/Downtown! METRO, WHOLE FOODS 3-6 blocks away. Unique open floorplan on 3 levels. Lg renovated kitchen+breakfast rm w/ Viking range/hood, granite & cabinets galore. Open living/dining area on main level w/ hardwoods. Lrge master br upstairs features beautiful box window. High ceilings, cent A/C, NEW bath.”

You can find more info and photos here.

I think the renovation looks pretty sweet. Though I was surprised to see that it has only 2 bedrooms. Which do you think is better – 2 large bedrooms or 3 small bedrooms? For this house does $549,900 sound reasonable?

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  • 0.2 miles from the metro, with those Renovations, I don’t think that its that a bad deal considering other prices I have seen around there. I know most people that comment on here will say its a horrible deal probably. I definitely think it will probably go to pretty close to that. Especially seeing as how I have actually seen condos not too far from here going for more money.

  • My first thought was that it is a rowhouse for a condo price, and great deal. It is such an odd layout, though. Kitchen and full bathroom in the basement and the first floor just being a living room. I think the layout will only appeal to like 10 or 20% of buyers. so who knows if someone will buy it right away or if it will sit around. it is a lot of square feet for the money and location, and with no upstairs or downstairs neighbors.

  • I agree that it appears to be a good deal, but that kitchen being in the basement will make it a tougher sell. Also, the radiators likely mean the heating hasn’t been updated.

  • is anyone else confused by photo #11 (black granite wall)? what am i looking at here?

  • Odd arrangement of rooms aside, my level of WANT for this house is quite high.

  • There’s a lot that is just weird and off about this place, starting with the kitchen in the basement. Add the W/D next to the ginormous fridge, a crappy and old looking mismatched dishwasher, a full bath essentially in the kitchen, the under stair storage, the half-assed looking bathroom storage, the mismatched doors in the master bedroom, the “master bath” that is not in the master bedroom, the insistence on referring to a box window, and the decorative mantle. Completely bizarre.

  • Don’t know much about that particular block, and I think they’re overselling the proximity to Whole Foods, and I think some of the already-mentioned design choices are poor (W/D by refrigerator being exhibit #1), but I still think it’s a condo-fee-free, renovated and move-in ready, close-to-Metro deal. Even money that it sells for list or higher, provided there’s not some horrible drug den right across the street.

  • I’d say the location is great, although one unfamiliar with the area may not agree on sight alone.

    It’s across from the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park, a triangular park that doesn’t look so hot right now, but which is about to get a complete overhaul. Funding is in place and the design is underway now by DPR. The park will feature a larger than life statue of Dr. Woodson by artist Ray Kaskey (you can see a rendering of the same on my blog).

    It’s also next door to/behind a row of vacant buildings, three of which are owned by the National Parks Service and will be renovated into the Carter G. Woodson Historic Site and associated offices, etc. Timeline for the NPS’s construction is within the next 3-5 years.

    The Parks Service is trying to buy the old pizza parlor directly next to this house on the left. It’s been vacant for a long time and is zoned R-4, so any change of zoning would have to be approved by neighbors.

    And there’s plenty of additional development/enhancements coming to the area — new junior high school to be built accross RI Ave, etc.

    • I was with you until the Junior High. No thanks.

      • RI is a wide enough street that it won’t matter. Plus, there’s the park in front of the house anyway. And 9th and U is just a few blocks up.

        • A beautiful new school building across Rhode Island Avenue will do a lot for the appearance of the area (current school is very drab looking). Given the placement of crosswalks and traffic, kids going to/from the middle school would not commute via the sidewalk in front of this house. Plus, Shaw Middle School’s Rhee-placed principal has been getting rave reviews for his impact on the school.

          There are other examples of development in the pipeline nearby, but that one’s a biggie.

  • The kitchen (not location and way too obvious/mismatched appliances) looks OK but that bathroom with the weird configuration of cabinets and horrible lights would give me pause. I wonder who put the kitchen in the basement – the people that currently own it or the previous owner because normally it would have been on the main floor and unless there are photos that weren’t taken – you can’t even see where it was. Some wouldn’t have a problem with the layout but I would.

  • That is one weird-ass layout/remodel. Why are there no windows in the back of the house? The second bedroom is really small. I’m confused even with the floor plan? What is behind that house? Is is oddly short compared to similar looking houses?

  • Look at the property on Google Maps. You will see how the house is attached to just one other, almost like a duplex, on the corner of an alley off Q. And that Carter G. Woodson Historic Site that is owned by the Park Service? That includes the grass area directly behind the house. There is absolutely no yard or space of any kind belonging to the house for sale, nothing. And do a street view; that is one gorgeous property directly next door to the house. Yikes. I would never buy a property right there for that price. Just…no. Especially one where I have to carry my dinner up from my kitchen to my dining room. That is just weird right there.

  • If the Lincoln Westmoreland and O street projects ever shut down that neighborhood would be one of the best in the city.

    Beautiful blocks around there, metro accessible, brand new park and library definitely being built, new O street market maybe being built and when the Convention Center Marriott finally gets going, the gap of semi-crap between there and U street will fill in with nice businesses. It’s already happening to a significant degree.

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