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  • Is that the Red Derby beer can bar? I love that place!

  • sure looks like the venerable Red Derby. but don’t tell the bridge and tunnel people…okay, i knkow there are no tunnels to VA, but there should be….

  • It is indeed the Red Derby.

  • Isn’t “drunken Jenga” kind of redundant? I can’t imagine playing it sober.

  • With $2 beers and Jenga it’s inevitable

  • Red Derby? Check. PBR? Check. Ironic playing of childhood games? Check. Skinny white guys in t-shirts? Check. This could be the cover photo if you ever decide to do a spin-off blog, Hipsters of Petworth. (And by the way, I don’t mean this to be insulting, I myself enjoy many of the same things as the hipsters — without being as stylish).

  • “Venerable Red Derby” – ha ha!It’s barely been open two years. And in the same breath with suggesting we need to protect it from the “bridge and tunnel people.”

    Bridge & Tunnel People: Douche bags who fill up the bars on the weekends, subsidizing the rest of the week so it’s possible for you to walk in every other night and get a seat at the bar when you want. The folks without whom every so-called neighborhood bar would be out of business.

    Note to bridge-and-tunnel haters: Their money is as good as yours, and you can’t actually make a living serving a half-dozen people who demand a reserved seat at the bar and every other drink for free.

  • new2ch: Check dictionary for word ironic..Also really with the hipster thing AGAIN? wtf is a hipster now anyways? In any event don’t be hatin on the derby man that place rocks.

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