Dear PoP – Piano Help and Streetcars Schedule


“Dear PoP,

I am being given my grandmother’s lovely old grand piano. It needs some fairly extensive repairs, and of course I will need a regular tuner. And I need to move it long distance from NC. Recommendations for piano repair, tuner, and/or movers? I have gotten a number of reasonable-sounding quotes for movers, but I don’t know of any that have used them. Anyone had bad experiences with local piano people? Has anyone used Georgetown Piano for repairs?”

We had a discussion on moving companies here.


“Sometimes you report on street cars development in H St but can you please find out the schedule for street cars along GA ave? Last I heard Phase 1 street car development (H St/Anacostia/Georgia Ave) will be complete by 2011, but how is that possible when they haven’t even put in rails for GA Ave? Me and my roommates all just really want this project to happen for our peeps in Petworth, so if we’re informed, maybe we can work on making sure it happens?”

You can read about the planned streetcar phases here. But if memory serves, they still have to decide how these are going to be powered, with overhead wires etc.

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  • It probably won’t happen on Ga Ave within a decade. H Street? 2 years, most likely. Anacostia- 3-4 years.

    They need to incorporate streetcar tracks into the Ga Ave streetscape project if they want this to happen soon. And it doesn’t appear that this will happen.

    • I’ll be VERY surprised if there are functioning streetcars going up and down H Street in two years. They’re actually a LONG way off. More like 5-10 years.

      And the Anacostia demonstration line will be the first one.

      • They are already laying track for the streetcars on H Street. In terms of building infrastructure, streetcars are fast and easy to build.

        Two years is probably pretty optimistic, but it will definitely be less than 10. I would say 5 years is not a bad assumption.

  • Trying to get a firm date on a project that hasn’t started might not be worth the effort. Anything that’s more than 6 months out is subject to the economy, so any schedule has no basis in reality.

    The tracks are going in on H st right now. It’s a pretty slow, but steady pace. If they haven’t started blocking off the road on GA, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • I use Gohns for piano movers. They have moved an upright for me twice, and a grand for me once. My father-in-law has used them several times too. Its amazing how quick they can get a piano in and out of a house, and they are very careful.

    (301) 251-5500

  • Jordan Kitts Music has stores in Atlanta, Tidewater, and Richmond… they might be able to scoop it up in transit to their DC locations, they have tuners as well. If you are flexible on timing… it might be even more affordable.

  • I used Schaeffer’s Piano company to move my piano from Arlington to DC. They did a good job. It was about $275. I don’t know if they do long-distance moves, though.

  • By the time they get the street cars powered, they’ll have to re-pave H Street.

    If you want an off-road experience, drive down H St to Benning and across the river. It’s cheaper than taking your jeep to Baja, but just as jarring.

    • Vonstallin

      You aint never Lie !!!!!!! (slang)
      My little coupe caught hell on benning road and Hst saturday night I was talking to one of my boys riding with me trying to figure out where or how they were going to power the street cars. I was hoping they had another way vs. overhead wire.

  • Another piano moving option: when I moved to DC I was driving a rental truck anyway, so I hired piano movers to get the piano into the truck — and secured — on one end, and a second set of movers to get it from the truck into my place in Arlington. A year later when I moved into DC I hired the same local company (I think it was Schaeffer’s, mentioned above) and got the same two guys, who remembered me, my house, and my piano. If you’ve got anything else to move up from NC this might not be a bad option for you.

  • Rick Jones Pianos. Hands down the best for repairs or whatever in the Atlantic region.

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