Update on Tenants for 1314 9th Street, NW


Last we we talked about this spot we heard it may become a deli. The owner emailed me last night night with some updates. The first floor has become an art studio called Cre8 Studio and is run by “young, hip, bright, personable, fun, persuasive folk”. Sadly they don’t seem to have a Web site up and running.

The second floor will become home to the offices of the Wounded Warrior Action Group (WWAG). You can read more about this group here. They will be having an event in the Cre8 space on the first floor open to the public on Dec. 12 (from 10-6 PM) which is “a hands-on type of museum/display on the realities of the life of soldiers on the front lines, and technologies used to protect our forces and civilians.”

Sounds like two great additions to the block!

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  • What will these “persuasive folk” be persuading us to do exactly?

  • Wounded Warrior Action Group seems to be treading very close to trading off of the Wounded Warrior Project’s name… I wonder if WWP knows of WWAG. WWAG’s web site also is very vague, and vaguely political. Hopefully it’s legit… would be a shame to use veterans for less-than-noble purposes.

  • I’m one of the owners of 1314. Thanks to all who have been following us.

    Anonymous- I appreciate and shared your skepticism. I can only say to google, and come out on the 12th and meet, Lt. Col. Greg Harbin and decide for yourself whether he’s the real deal or not.

  • There is more than enough advocacy work needed that will keep two groups of Wounded Warriors active.

    I have met some Wounded Warrior participants at Walter Reed and out west. There is a lot of need. I would welcome a similar group to my neighborhood.

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