STROGA, From Owner of Results Gym, Coming to Adams Morgan


Thanks to a couple of readers for sending word of this new spot coming to 1808 Adams Mill Road, NW (by Columbia and 18th). The STROGA Web site says:

“Washington, DC’s newest fitness concept, STROGA, is coming to Adams Morgan. Stroga will offer a revolutionary fusion of strength training and yoga, the oldest and newest methods of body conditioning…

Doug Jefferies, owner of Results Gym, was inspired by his own yoga practice and his experiences in personal training and strength conditioning. His desire to combine the two philosophies resulted in the creation of Stroga.

1808 Adams Mill Road (the L’Aiglon Building) is at the junction of Columbia Road, Adams Mill and 18th Street. Dating back to the early 1900’s the building has a rich history as both a private residence and commercial property. Owned by Douglas Development, a renovation of the building’s fine woodwork and moldings was completed in 2007. Stroga will preserve the integrity of the space, following an adaptive reuse tradition found in many of the Results Gym locations.”

You can find more info here.


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  • Good news to have another option in the neighborhood – look forward to more details (hours, classes, $$).

    I can’t wait to tear up my WSC membership card.

  • Beef Stroga Noff.

  • i hope they have a full bar in there too! i need something to motivate me to get a gym membership!

  • This building is stunningly sexy and I am happy that Stroga will be joining us in the neighborhood. Maybe I will join as well!

    @poo poo – I agree – a full bar would help. But maybe that is what the rest of Adams Morgan is for . . .

  • wow, sure are a lot of gyms in this area now. glad to see it. hope they all make it.

  • I was wondering when this concept would hit DC (combining other exercise with yoga). My friend lives in Denver and teaches a spinning/yoga class. The first 40 minutes are spent spinning and the last 40 minutes consist of yoga.

  • There are a lot of gyms in the Admo/U St/Dupont area, but only 1 in Columbia Heights and 0 in Petworth. Hopefully someone will see the untapped market eventually.

  • Goose bumps up my leg! Thank’s for caring and sharing!
    We’ll be opening in February.
    Results Gym &

  • Stroga sounds great:

    1. stroga, n.

    a period of time characterized by laziness or under exertion. Prone to excessive drinking, prolonged naps and judgmental behavior.

  • Sorry but this is not a new concept. You can get Yoga and strength training at any gym. The two should be separate! Yoga is about finding your inner balance and you can’t do that by lifting weights! Imagine the sound of weights hitting the floor while trying to meditate! I am looking for a new yoga studio and this isn’t it! Stick to the Results Gym’s or open a Result’s yoga studio. For the sake of the purity of yoga keep them separate!

  • Bad move! There are plenty of yoga studios around but there aren’t enough Results! Open another Results and put more classes in! Vida doesn’t compare!

  • @Jamie – the Yoga and strength training are completely separate. You should stop by and take a look at this place. I was skeptical but it is GORGEOUS – the yoga is on a completely different floor than the strength tranining, and the studio is beautiful. Very peaceful and warm space. And you can choose to do one or the other…they haven’t even opened the strength training part yet – and that won’t consist of lifting weights, either. When I took a tour I was told it’s going to self-resistance training. You should at least give it a look, I was really impressed.

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