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  • used to go there when it was Dragonfly, but haven’t been back since it became Current.

    What’s up with that hideous sign? That must be new.

    What’s next a neon “open” sign?

  • I agree, that is one ugly sign.

  • The food is great. Try the pork belly from the grill. Phenomenal. Sushi is good. Service is great. The wait staff and chef were knowledgeable about the sushi. Try the Uni!

  • Oh, YEAH! Cool, hip, casual. This is a regular “date” spot. Sushi is really good (tip: If you ask them to make a roll “dragonfly style” the chefs make it a monster roll.) I think they also have a sushi HH. Go there every chance I get.

  • Sorry – this is just another restaurant name (a la Du Froyo) that makes me laugh! Current sushi? As opposed to what – OLD sushi? If I asked any of my friends to meet me at “Current Sushi” I would have to listen to a half-hour of merciless ridicule.

  • Im 90% certain its just called current. I think the sushi part is just to let people know they serve it.

  • Never eaten there, but I went once on a Saturday night when it was a lounge. It was WAY too crowded (shouldn’t there be a maximum capacity???) and full of the douchey club scene people. That is one place I will never step foot in again…

  • awesome food! best sushi/drink specials EVER!! get the Dubfire Tuna Roll and ask for Rob as your server. **reservations recommended**

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