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  • Love it Love it Love it

  • It is tough to keep a good dog down. Way to go Shaw! Dogs rule the city!

  • Fantastic Sign. Oz approves.

  • I would love to walk my canine there but i fear stray bullets from nearby street crews. They’ve been known to frequent this area and peddle their narcotics well before this area became a dog park. I fear that with the influx of hard working tax paying citizens, they will grow emboldened and move from petty drug pushing to armed robbery and possible assault.

    • I go to this dog park almost every day and I think it’s pretty safe.

      Give it a shot (ha!), come over during the morning and early evening or through out the day on the weekend. The only thing you have to worry about then is stepping in some poo some owner didn’t pick up because they were too busy gossiping.

  • Here is the website of the artist that created the image on the sign: http://www.branddave.com/

  • I take my dogs there all the time. Unfortunatley my dogs are the ones that like to sit on the bench and pretend they are human rather than socialize and run with the others. Cute sign!

  • Johnny is right. This area is riddled with crack and street crews. Luckily, I have a bull mastiff and whenever I encounter the “inner city” hooligans, they promptly cross the street because my dog growls at them and becomes angry. I guess dogs can sense evil too.

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