Dear PoP – Cork and Fork no more on 14th Street NW or is it Just Confusing Signage?


“Dear PoP,

It appears that Cork and Fork is leaving all the cork-named wine stores to the Cork Market as now the building at 1522 14th St NW has a sign for “Homemade Pizza” and the new location is represented on this Chicago area resto’s website

Thought you be interested if you hadn’t heard! I’m excited to have a pizza option in the neighborhood that delivers (Pete’s doesn’t make it down as far as Logan, sadly.) It’s set to open next month, according to the website.”


I guess with the recent opening of nearby Cork Market (no relation) it makes sense that Cork & Fork would reconsider opening in this spot. You can see Homemade Pizza’s menu here. Anyone ever check out their other locations? Think this is a good spot for a pizza place?

Ed. Note: after this was posted Drewlove comments:

“My friend who lives directly above this location tells me that Homemade Pizza is actually around the corner on Church St and that Cork and Fork will be on the storefront on 14th St.”

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  • My friend who lives directly above this location tells me that Homemade Pizza is actually around the corner on Church St and that Cork and Fork will be on the storefront on 14th St.

  • Webside says they are expecting to open 1/21/2010. Not sure I like this bake-at-home idea. After hearing so much about the importance of the very high heat in the pizza ovens at Two Amy’s, Red Rocks, etc., seems that baking at home has to be a compromise. I’ll certainly give it a try, though.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Drewlove – hmm, that makes sense. I was wondering why the Cork & Fork alcohol application was still in the window.

  • I’ve had Homemade Pizza Co. pizza at their 49th & Mass Ave location near Wagshal’s. Absolutely delicious! Nothing near what you think of for a bake-at-home pizza. The BLT on wheat crust is delicious (spinach, applewood bacon, aged parmesan, garlic, on tomato sauce), as is the pepperoni. Highly recommended! Definitely don’t judge this one before you’ve tried it.

    Also note: if you haven’t been to Wagshal’s in that same complex, definitely try it. The deli has an awesome wine/liquor/beer selection with great sandwiches and a good selection of cheeses along with neat other items, and the market has a really great selection of food.

  • @ Mal -it is good but it is also expensive.

  • @jb – very very true… You’d think that baking your own pizza it would be cheaper, but the ingredients are obviously (obvious to your tastebuds!) better than a Pizza Hut or Papa John’s pizza. I think it’s a decent tradeoff to make when ordering a pie; usually a once every two or three month luxury, so $16 compared to $12 (plus tip for delivery) from Pizza Hut isn’t so bad. I’ve yet to find a decent local pizza joint in my neighborhood, so for now I’m a Homemade Pizza Co. fangirl 🙂

  • We used to get Homemade Pizza in Chicago. It’s a nice, quick option (as is any pizza order) but the ingredients seem more fresh and less greasy. It’s nice to just throw it in the oven yoruself and I’m sure we’ll be picking up here often. It’s an improvement but DC pizza still is horrible.

  • Oprah is all about this place… it was featured on her show over the summer and later as “one of her favorite things.”

  • Homemade Pizza Co’s stuff is OK, but it’s expensive and they’re pretty stingy with toppings. In Chicago they cater to parents who would feel guilty ordering delivery but whose kids are too poorly behaved to be taken into a supermarket for the 15 minutes it would take to assemble the same thing in discrete ingredient form — the dinner rush line tends to be an army of parents white knuckling their blackberries while trying to control bored kids whose noon dose of adderal is wearing off.

  • Does The Italian Pizza Kitchen ( not deliver to Logan? They’re on U Street between 11th and 12th.

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