New Sculpture Erected Outside City Vista Busboys & Poets

2009-11-09 17.44.06

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Have you seen the new “art” outside the city vista busboys (5th and K Street, NW). Not a fan of the form, but I am going to drunk climb all over that.”

It certainly is interesting. I’ll have to go back and take some daytime photos. But from the reader’s photo, what do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • Tonight at BUSBOYS and POETS on 5th and Kst.
    “Hookers, Ho’s, CallGirls, and Rent Boys” Book Signing

    Writer and former sex worker David Henry Sterry will be at the 5th and
    K Busboys and Poets tonight to share his and his wife’s experience of
    running a weekly writers’ workshop for sex workers. Sterry, author of
    Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on
    Life, Love, Money, and Sex, will be joined by other contributors to
    the anthology, including young women participating in the first ever
    National Summit of Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth.

    A Portion of each book sold at tonight’s event will be donated to HIPS
    6:30 PM at Busboys and Poets at 5th&K

  • It is hideous – made even more so by the atrociously loud yellow paint!

  • 5th & K is my hood. I don’t think the art is great. I don’t flat out dislike it but I think it had potential to be better with a different paint job. Not a fan of this solid yellow. Doesn’t complement the building and the surroundings well. The yellow twisted metal evokes images of Caterpillar construction equipment in my head…

  • Don’t know how I feel about this sculpture yet…I saw it yesterday and was trying to figure out its purpose…

  • Drunk climbing all over that seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  • thumbs up! that looks like some serious drunk fun.

  • Let the art wars begin anew…

  • Oh wow no ones ever welded ca-razy shapes out of flat steel plates and painted it all one color before!!!

  • it’s awful and huge and quite an obstruction? when they were putting it in, it looked like it was attached to some sort of hook up, i thought at first it was a this a permanent fixture?

  • I saw them working on it this morning. It is one of those sculptures you take a look at and ask yourself “Is it done?” I think they put it there to block the homeless and hookers from sitting on the benches outside Busboys or at least block the view from outside eaters.

  • Sickening that the whiners here have the gall to complain about this art. City Vista is opposite a black strip bar and run-down liquor store. In other words, anything going up is a huge improvement to the area.

  • I agree that the yellow doesn’t quite do it for me, but I do like the idea of public art in the neighborhood. And the point of public art isn’t to please everyone, but instead to provide diversity and something interesting. I think it at least fits the latter point. And I do like how it has a bench built into it.

  • It’s one photo, from one angle, with harsh lights and scaffolding still up – no in situ perspective at all – how about we give it a few more looks? Personally, I always liked the jungle gym way more than the sandbox.

  • Funny I only just noticed Louis’ Rogue (the strip bar opposite) for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I drive by there all the time. (The only time I’ve every been in one, Camelot, was for a wake for a former frequent customer. Very enlightening if you are shopping for a bikini wax but haven’t figured out what style you want yet…)

  • Ummm – how many “styles” are there exactly? I mean, it’s not exactly like mowing patterns into a baseball field. . .

  • I’ve seen the racing stripe, the lightning bolt, and the “dot”.

  • They need to go ahead and complete the slide and add monkey bars…a tire swing. Yes, this is a drunk accident waiting to happen!

  • Yes! – swings would be excellent! A thousand swings could solve everything (I am not being sarcastic – tragic that you would think so – motion and play is often the solution.)

    And drunk accidents are fine if you die before reproducing.

  • that brings up a great idea. m.e. swings coffee would be an excellent addition to this area.

  • well said, victoria

  • I hereby declare this sculpture the site of the first ever DC Drunk Olympics! Whoever can climb to the top and yell “Adrienne!!!” the loudest wins!

  • In all seriousness – do we know for a fact this is intended as “art” and not actually a jungle-gym of some sort?

  • Horrible. Just like Busboys.

  • Here’s hoping that the City didn’t pay for this….

  • Might be better as a trellis, in a garden.

  • i’ve seen better looking stuff floating in the anacostia

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