New Pierce Park Mural

Pierce Park 001

Thanks to a reader for sending in the photos:

“saw the wall painted white the other day and lots of work yesterday and finally got my camera out this morning. pretty cool mural in the park and new recycling trash cans along with it. you can also see the tree pot in the background with ontario lakers painted on. i think it’s an old youth organization that i’ve seen in some historic photos but i don’t know the background.

the park got an updated dog park in earlier this year too. now if they would only fix the soccer field, which is in terrible shape.”

Pierce Park 003

More photos after the jump.

Pierce Park 002

Pierce Park 004

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  • There will actually be two new murals in the park. The other one (also by Aniekan Udofia) will be on the opposite side of the wall facing the basketball court. These murals were provided by funding from Murals D.C.

    Aniekan will also be replacing the 5-panel plywood mural in the basketball court with a new 7-panel mural with funding provided by Hoops Sagrado.

    The park Friends group is also looking for a grant to restore the mural along the southern wall of the field.

    The Onatrio Lakers were indeed a youth team that used to call the park home. The park actually used to be called Ontario Park and many of the young kids in the neighborhood still call it that. The name was changed to honor Walter C. Pierce who was instrumental in the creation of the park (it was at one point in time going to be apartments/condos and it was also a junk yard once as well).

    As for the multipurpose field…do not talk to me about that…ugh. Perhaps you saw the story in the Post last week about that saga.

  • Nice, but I kinda like brick in its neat form. I wonder if the latex helps improve the longevity of the brick and the mortar? Or did they use oil base paints?

    But, it is a refreshing contrast to the new bright red spray paint graffiti marring the Duke Ellington Bridge.

    What will they paint next? Oh right, the lanes on 15th street, how much city paint for the new warnings on the roadway? Holy moly the bikers better look out for those turning vehicles, seriously! With the cars parked between the bike path and the street, ouch.

  • That dog looks stoned.

  • Garish.

    Do we really need *another* otherwise-fine wall painted with cartoon-like characters in cartoon colors?

  • @ Anon 9:31….the suburbs/Georgetown are calling….

  • “Move to the suburbs”, how original.

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