Leaf Collection Schedule Released

by Prince Of Petworth November 5, 2009 at 3:31 pm 9 Comments

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From a Press Release:

” “We expect to collect up to 10,000 tons of leaves, to be turned into compost, an organic treasure for District gardeners,” said Director Howland. “Compost will be available to individuals, community groups and gardening clubs between March and October next year.”

Residents should place leaf piles on curbside space, rather than in the street or in storm drains. Piles should contain leaves only. Tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, or other items can damage leaf collection equipment. Leaves placed in the street reduce on-street parking and can create a fire hazard. Residents can also bag leaves, instead of piling them, for collection by DPW trash trucks. Because plastic bags can damage equipment, DPW requests that paper rather than plastic bags are used. Residents with alley trash collection may place their bagged leaves next to their trash container for collection with the trash, as truck capacity allows. Bagged leaves will not be composted.

Every street in the District will have at least two collections during the fall. Snow and ice storms can cause changes to the leaf collection schedule. DPW’s leaf collection schedule, including the date when each street is scheduled for leaf collection, will be mailed to each household that uses DPW trash and recycling services. The brochure also provides detailed instructions on how residents should prepare their leaves for collection. This information can also be found on DPW’s Web site at www.dpw.dc.gov.”


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