New Nightclub, Sweet Spot, Coming to 1140 19th Street, NW


The alcohol application says:

“New lounge offering mixed-fare tapas food, music provided by DJs and dance floor. Occupancy from 250-350.”


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  • am I some sort of Cultural Luddite for never venturing out for tapas/mezze/small ovepriced plates in this city? When I go out to drop some cash on a meal(Im not a lawyer, a $60 meal is a once in a while treat for the girlfriend and I), I want something that feels like a meal. I guess I just don’t get the craze…

  • When did the crappy place that sounds exactly like this place that existed in this exact same spot for the past several years close?

  • Is that the old Whispers location?

  • Bitter? Bitter…party of one. Your tables is ready.

  • navy, i’m trying to find a link for you to apartments for rent in seven corners. you’d love it there. it’d be just like home! well, knd of. i’m not sure theyhave more than one mcdonald’s out there. but they do have subway! MMMM! please, look into it! PLEASE! oh, and then move there. thanks in advance!

  • Hey, now that’s ironic. The sushi restaurant was driven out of business by the nightclub-posing-as-restaurant next door (I used to work in the building) only to be replaced by a nightclub.

    I just wonder if the building still has the bike messengers on the first floor who as they go to their office spit on the floor as they come in.

    Good times, good times.

  • Oh Im sorry, I was unaware that because Im not some trendy yuppy douche I can’t live in your city. I’ll be sure to move out so someone else who likes to talk about how open minded he is as opposed to people in the suburbs can move in and thumb their noses at people that dislike ovepriced tapas and wine bars. Thanks for the helpful info!

  • Saying douche is really trendy now, so really, you’re halfway there Navy Yard!

  • Tapas restaurants are great first date places as there’s less formality with the meal process. If the date isn’t going well you can always ask for the check after the first round and call it a night. If things are popping you can keep ordering. And if things are REALLY popping you can ask for the check after the first round and make it a night to remember.

  • enough with the freakin’ tapas places. sheesh.

    and hey, anon @8:36, you’re definitely all the way there

  • This is almost in Foggy Bottom.

    Also to the post above, Whispers…? You mean Rumors, maybe?

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