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  • Hell no! It doesn’t work for me at all. But someone like it, I guess.

  • Depressing. Sad and ugly. I’m not saying you have to go all gothic matchy matchy – could be totally cool with good modern. The key is good. This is bad, in every possible strip mall elevator/nail salon/Claire’s Hair Accessory bad kind of way.

  • I agree. This is tacky, hideous, and from these pictures it looks like the only feature of the original building they tried to mirror is the roof, and they did a pretty piss poor job with that.

  • It’s fine. The addition is more a part of a row of buildings on Newark street – a school, administrative offices, meeting rooms, etc. Spacially, it fits nicely with those buildings but, I dunno, the choice of a metal roof and beige walls just doesn’t mesh with the slate roof and stone walls of the church and associated buildings. In and of itself, it’s an ok building, but the connection with the existing buildings is weird.

  • …there is no God!

  • I’m actually very compassionate for people who have to just go on and get the job done, so would really love to hear from the architect of a place like this as to how exactly something so awful actually gets built.

  • I actually like it better than the original.

  • That is really awful. It looks like a machine shed that belongs on a farm.

  • They definitely could have worked harder to blend with the existing structure.

    Sad, really.

    This is why the ANC’s participation in the permitting process is so valuable, to stop the madness before it’s built. Ha.

  • That’s our churhc, metropolitan memoria united methodistl. The photo’s aren’t the best and make the addition look much worse than it really is. It is not an optimal, totally, sympathetic addition, but not as bad as the photo’s look. The sad part of this is it is the Church of numerous past POTUS. The original was finished in 1869 was originally located at 4 1/2 and C Streets NW and demolished in 1930. Construction on what you see was begun in 1930.

  • It’s fine. Looks kind of Dutch or Danish to me.

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