Good Deal or Not? Modern Renovation Edition


This home is located at 803 Euclid Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“A stunning example of a fine urban row house. Recent renovation shows the possibilities of a 1924 home turned into a livable piece of art. How about FOUR? Four levels, Four bedrooms, Four bathrooms. .. but still one of a kind. Maple and concrete floors, high ceilings, recessed lighting, In-Law-Suite(appt), garage parking, top of the line finishes throughout.”

More info and photos found here.

I’m pretty sure I’ve featured this house as house of the day before so it’s pretty cool to get a look at the inside. It’s a pretty serious renovation, dying to know what you guys think. Do you think $769,900 is a realistic asking price for this 4 bed/4 bath? I’m thinking it’s a bit on the high side.

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  • cool renovation but the locations a bit off. Ive always wanted a house with a garage door wall that opens completely to the outside. But the location is not nearly as sexy as the house itself.

  • Meh… too pricey for the neighborhood… this house is long and narrow, and i thinks it a terrible idea for a full glass garage door living room in this neighborhood. “Please, feel free to check out my sweet electronics and then go ahead and break in to steal them…”

  • It’s a bit sterile for my tastes…and maybe it was just the way the photo of the kitchen was shot but it seems too busy to me….is that possible? Sterile and busy at the same time?

  • I LOVE it… but yes, it might be a bit pricey for the hood.

  • The renovations are amazing, but the price for that area. Not that the area is horrible, but 700K for that block, seems a high, I don’t think they will sell it with out lowering the price if they do, the person that does it might be a fool.

  • Oh, and that garage door that leads outside is one of the coolest things I have seen done to a house in a while.

  • I actually like this except for the bathroom but the price! Way too high for this neighborhood. Take off about $250,000.

  • wow.

  • It’s in the ghetto. Not worth half that asking price.

  • It’s a nice house, but will mostly appeal to people with particular tastes. It’s not quite my style, for example, and it’s not really congruent with the neighborhood. If it were a few blocks to the northwest, it would be more appealing for that price. But this was out of my price range when I was recently looking, so I don’t have a good sense of the comps…..

  • I think that is a good deal. Well done, high end, not out of line at all.

  • Color – bleh. Kitchen – a bit small and short on storage. Bathroom – for 750K the door should be glass not a shower curtain. It is a bit pricey for the hood but modern done right isn’t cheep. I am estimating its about 3,000 sq/ft so at 769K its about $256/sq ft – not too bad of a deal – I bet it goes for $690-715 (230-240/sq. ft.)
    I posted a modern conversion of a similar row house in Burleith (in the house porn comments). It was going for $2.3 or so when neighboring houses were going for $850 – so the question is what is the premium for modern?

  • Well I like the modern style and I would be willing to pay a price for it. Because I know that things like stainless steel fans from Modern Fan Co. and bathroom vanities from Vibia or Leucos and faucets from Porcher are much more expensive than traditional models.

    But I wouldn’t pay for it in that neighborhood.

  • I think it would be great, if it were in a different neighborhood. Or maybe a whole different town, come to think of it.

    Opening that garage door is just inviting trouble on all sorts of levels. The minute you turn your back, there will be rats or some hood trash thieves wandering into your home.

  • Can someone explain to me why the AV eqioment and reciever are stored in the kitchen underneath the microwave?

  • AA- just a thought. Im guessing the house and that garage door are wired with a pretty good security system. My guess is would be crooks would be more wary of breaking into this house. They would just assume it has good security.

  • VERY nice! Hopefully some Howard University professor will buy it.

  • normantown this is not the ghetto!!!! This would make anywhere outside Spring Valley or Crestwood the GHETTO for you.

    While I think the price is high this is house is not located in a bad area….remember earlier this week we talked about Pleasant Plains, well this house is located in the boundaries of this area.

    Anyone who buys the house and stays awhile can expect development down at the howard u town center.

  • I love it, but the location east of Sherman avenue is a big minus. This is a case of renovating yourself out of the market.

  • This neighborhood is just wonderful! I had my doubts before moving here, “too far from….”, but now it is the reason we don’t want to leave! Very friendly, lots of neighborhood connections, the ECAC that was featured in the Post this past weekend is awesome, lots to do there and again, more opportunity for community. Banneker HS is a wonderful addition, lessens the homes on the street and the kids are all positive. Banneker recreation center just behind the HS is prime, from pool to tennis to track field and playground. Sherman Ave and Georgia Ave are only going to get better and better – plans are underway to be completed by summer 2010. Howard University offers a pleasant and engaging place to walk around or hang out, plus theater, games, and festivity (love graduation day!). Howard Center is soon to be built on Florida and Georgia, with a traffic circle, shops, and grocery store (the only negative – we are at least a 12 minute walk from a good grocery – but there are three options in those 12 – 15 minutes!). Bus lines great, metro not too far, fun of Adams Morgan, U Street, and Columbia heights all not too far, but not right in your face. One way street is less busy and pleasant. And i did I mention the people?!

    The “hood” adds lots of value for many lookers and residents. I’m sure that whoever buys the cool home will surely feel the same. We are Pleasant Plains 🙂

  • Pleasant Plains / Columbia Heights representin’! Sherman is going to get super nice in a year and Georgia…well let’s see if it’s so sad n bad in 3 years shall we?

  • This part of Georgia Ave is actually pretty quiet and nice.

  • I went to this during their open house the other week. It is a great space for sure, as you can tell in the pictures. What you cant see here though is the massive skylight above the stairway. Rooms are all a good size and bathrooms are all top notch. Also one thing you can see if you look close in the pictures is what is behind that large “garage” door from the living room. They installed a massive bug net over that entire window so that you can open the “garage” door but still not let everything fly into your living space.

  • Place looks awesome! I live a block away in this “bad neighborhood” and I would happily open a garage door if I could afford one.

  • I love this place. The location is nice enough. Very open street with park next to Banneker High School, which is one of the best schools in the country (I should know since I went there 15 years ago). This area is far from hood and while it’s no Springfield VA, it is nice for city life.
    The renovation seems to be very nicely done and there is price to pay for quality renovation. We just finished renovating our house that we bought for $400 and I think our place is smaller than this. We spent $250K and are not even finished, so looking at this now, we should have bought something done and save ourselves the headache and two years agony with renovation.

  • GDON, that is a really nice looking renovation. I think they may lower the price, but its a reasonable asking price, especially for someone who scored at the top of the market and wants a dream house.

  • That galley kitchen is tiny for that price point. Nice place though…

  • People who think that because it is east of Sherman, that must make it a bad neighborhood have never walked around east of Sherman. Calling this area “the ghetto” betrays your ignorance. I wish people would tell us what wonderful, Utopian neighborhood they live in before they shit on someone else’s neighborhood so we at least have a point of reference. This place is right near a university campus, very close to U St., very close to Columbia Heights, and the value of the place will only go up as development moves east. Seriously, folks, take a stroll around Pleasant Plains, Park View, etc. and open your eyes to how nice it might be to live in these neighborhoods. I know I love living in Park View.

  • Does anyone on this blog live in Columbia Heights? If so, before you moved here, you probably heard the same about where you live from people that had no clue what this area is all about. Calling this place the”hood” is far from reality. Yes, this is on the progressive end of this up and coming city but you have never been to the real “hood” if this is what you think the”hood” looks like.
    We all know, Sherman Ave is getting trees and is being worked on and development is coming to Georgia Ave. Before you know it, the “hood” will be gone and you might wonder why you never bought in before it was too late or too expensive.
    This place looks great.

  • It won’t go for that much but from a seller’s perspective why not list it there and see if someone falls in love with it for that money? If you’re dumb enough to buy a place in DC with a door like this that doesn’t have screens to keep out mosquitoes, you’re dumb enough to pay too much for it.

    I’m going to look at this picture again in February and see if I can feel the draft coming off that door from my computer chair.

  • To the commenter who thinks Howard is paying the faculty enough to put 20% down on 700k and pay a $3k+ a month mortgage, can I get what you’re smoking? Most of the faculty makes under 70 a year, junior profs make under 60, the most senior people average around 100. Get real, the profession of the person who will buy this place starts with L and rhymes with “sawyer.”

  • Poster Anonymous 3:55 pm must be the realtor. I live right up the streat and like this section of Columbia Heights, but it is not as Super Wonderful Disneyland as the realtor wants people to think.

    Basically it is right on the wave of development change and will be improving all the time, but it still has some hood aspects – let’s not kid ourselves. But overall I think it’s as safe as anywhere else in Columbia Heights – maybe a little safer!

    Now for the house – I’d say $600k max – due to location and the fact it isn’t a victorian but a 1920s building. Hope the sellers prove me wrong! But whover buys it will be happy as 99% of those who move here are!

  • I’m thinking $675k is a good deal for it. So, just $90k to drop.

  • Gives me some renovation ideas.
    The garage door seems like a nice idea, but inevitable it will be leaky in winter, and worthless in the summer due to mosquitos.

  • Love the garage door and per comment above, there are screens to keep the bugs out.

    I have been looking for a place that is at least three bedrooms, so I have a little idea of what’s out there. There are few places in Dupont that are 1.5 mil+. There is a place up from U Street on 13th Street which is $960K and half the size. There are few places up on 13th Street for $800K plus, which are Victorian and but in need for some serious work, so considering this place is totally nice and has one bedroom basement apartment, I don’t see how it is too expensive.

    I looked at this place with my agent and when looking around found one bedroom condos selling down the street from this place for $350K and they are 700 sq feet (and actually selling). So, maybe I am the “dumb one” here that will pay for this place but what should I get. One bedroom for $350K with a $250 a month condo fee or 4 bedrooms for $760K? Considering that the apt will bring about $1,200 a month rent that leaves me with a mortgage of about $2600 a month, that doesn’t seem as much for three bedrooms and three bathrooms, not to mention living, dining and media rooms. I have not seen many place in DC with roof decks (unless they are expensive condos). I am currently paying $2700 a month to live in the Ellington on U Street, and have two bedrooms. This place would be the same cost as my current rent, so I really don’t see how it is so out of line with market.

    You let me know but I don’t want to renovate one of these great foreclosures. I want to move in and live my life not to become servant to my new place.

  • Well its a good place but I agree that the price is a little over

  • I share an alley with this house and I can tell you the house is a bit odd. It is long, narrow, and lacks a yard, something every other house in the Fairmont/Euclid area has as a selling point. I will root for the owners to get that much, however a much larger house (and better renovated one on Fairmont and directly across from it in the alley) could not sell for $600. And that house had a view of the Washington Monument (something this house most like does not due to the High School in the way). The owner of the Fairmont house kept dropping the price until he finally had to rent it instead.

    So I wish them luck. The problem is that they are competing against 3 different sets of house flippers on Fairmont, all of which purchased foreclosure house for $200K that are larger than this one. The finished houses will come on the market in the Spring and probably in the $500K range. So I wish them luck but the flipping pros in the “Hood” are going to make it difficult for them to get anything above $500K. Sorry but this is not a good buy. Offer in the high $400s/low $500s.

    My recommendation: Buy one of the foreclosures on Euclid or Fairmont for $200K and then put $200K in it. Even at $400K you are way better off then this house.

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