Social to Add Brunch Service Starting Sunday

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Recently opened, Social, located at 14th and Meridian will soon be offering brunch. I’m always happy to hear about more brunch options. They will be “opening from 11-3pm Sunday, Bloody Mary menu and bottomless Mimosa.”

Ah Bloody Mary menu and bottomless Mimosa. Sweet, sweet words…

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  • If it was bottomless bloodys I’d be there. How are they doing so far? I haven’t been hearing a lot of buzz since their opening. It was more like a fizzle than a bang but I tried it myself and thought the food was good. But this was just eating at the bar after work.

  • YAHOO!! Any idea what their Brunch menu looks like? Maybe their savvy chef could impart some delicious words to get us in the door on Sunday?

  • Yay! Can’t wait to try it. Had a good time there last Wednesday night. Seating is very comfortable, decor looks great, heard the lamb lollipops and crabcake sliders are good but arrived too late to order food. The owner helped set up the Kimpton hotels and wanted to do something in the neighborhood. Bless ’em.

  • We had a few different types of sliders on Friday night. They were great. The service was exceptionally friendly and genuine. There seem to be a few kinks to work out, but overall I was pumped. I’ll be back for brunch.

  • I thought about stopping in one evening last week, but it looked closed. I couldn’t see any lights from outside, no sign out front, no people coming and going. Are their hours set? Have they been consistently open? Have others found that it doesn’t look open when it is?

  • WDC – just open the door. We walked by and thought it looked closed, but opened the door and ended up having a great time with a friendly bartender and the owner.

  • The lack of a sign (imagine!!!) will be the death of this place. Too bad, as the food was fantastic.

  • We had dinner and drinks last Wednesday. A friend from Kalorama was meeting us and couldn’t spot the place because of the lack of a sign. We asked about this and they told us the sign was coming soon. The dining room was pretty dead until 7:30-8. The bar downstairs has a nice vibe. Favorites were the lamb lollipops and the fish tacos. I also liked the short rib sliders. Cocktails are good, and I really liked that they had a sparkling red wine by the glass! So glad they are adding brunch since this is a just a few steps from my front door.

  • Yeah, it kind of looks like you are walking into somebody’s terrace level condo.

  • Hey guys, we will have a sign by the end of this week. We couldn’t wait for it, had to get open.

  • cant wait to try it soon.

  • 100-percent skeptical since my dinner at Social was awful. And don’t try to fool us with drinks. Hair of the dog is needed some days but sometimes you just want good brunch good.

  • Whew! We trioed to go for lunch last week, but they weren’t opening until 4:00. Result? Simple American Cuisine across the street…

  • who cares, when is thaitanic opening?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thaitanic II should be opening end of Sept. stay tuned…

  • I love this place. Seriously had a terrific time. Did you see Endless Simmer’s review of this place? Have to say I completely agree with their assessment!

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