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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. Iโ€™ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: Kind of a crap week. Being an intern with no direct boss sucks.

    Revel: Tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate Day, YAARRRRRR!!!!

  • What’s the spiciest food anyone has ever eaten in NW DC and where was it? I mean spicy…sweat rolls, nose runs, that kind of stuff. I’m on a spice kick. I had the Kung Pao chicken at a place on 14th and was a bit disappointed by the spice level.

  • Rant: called 911 to report abandoned stolen scooter, and since the alley has neither name or address, they didn’t take the call.

    If anyone is missing a white scooter, check the very end of the alley behind the Allegro! I showed up there yesterday evening.

  • Rave: started yoga back up this week – 2 classes in so far and it feels great ๐Ÿ˜€

    Rant: flow 1 starts so late, when I get home at 9:30 I have too much energy to go to bed until midnight! Might start taking flow 1.5 in the morning…

    We should start a PoP yoga meetup at various yoga studios around the district! I’m now going to Flow @ 14th & P.

  • rant: what’s with trucks stopping and unloading in the right lane of Irving in front of the Five Guys, Highland Park, etc? they’re in the way of my bus!

    skeedattle, my friend is a spice aficionado and he asked for something at Thai Chef (in Dupont) to be “Thai Spicy” and he says its the only time something was so spicy that he gave up on finishing it.

  • Skeedattle-

    Try the Great Wall on 14th (Church Street). You must order off the ma-la menu. The ma-la Tofu, in particular, should more than satisfy your need to hot and spicy.

  • Thanks grumpy and asl! It will be done.

  • Where should I go for happy hour tonight? Tired of The Heights, not a fan of Commonwealth….

  • date #3 with this awesome girl I met is on Saturday. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I like her a lot so far.

    also, my job is so completely awesome.

  • rave: corduroy season is on its way!

  • rave: several friends coming into town this weekend

    rave: having a housewarming party

    rave: the weather is cooling down

    rant: was in the er for abdominal pains yesterday. the docs have no idea what’s wrong. yarg…

  • @Fig Newton: I called the popo on some kids who I SAW stealing a scooter, gave them an address and my phone number and the cops never came. The same kids were taking turns joy riding up my block, same place 45 minutes later.
    Oh and I live like, 5 blocks from a police station.

  • asl: is the Ma-la tofu from Great Wall fried or the soft kind?

  • Rave: Apples dipped in honey!

  • Rant: My neighbor is getting direct TV (?) installed and this kid who is setting it up is not working but talking on his cell phone while walking across everyones roof porch. WTF get off my porch roof.

    Rave: Its a beautiful day today

  • Rave: Thank you for reminding me Anon [email protected]:13.
    L’Shana Tova to everyone and especially to PoP.
    (for all you non-Jewish types out there that translates to Happy New Year, this being Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) starting tonight.
    Much prosperity in the new year for the new PoP endeavor.

  • Rave: Going to the Red Sox game tomorrow in Bodymore

    Rant: Have a 20 mile training run in the morning, hopefully won’t fall asleep before game starts

  • rant: what is up with north and south traffic between about Euclid Street and Spring Road? is it the worst traffic in the city? I guess getting a car made me notice this, but it is bad!

    I live north of Columbia Heights, so take 14th and 16th a lot. It just seems like time slows down when you’re on these streets! The intersection at park and 14th seems like the biggest timesuck in the entire District and it sometimes takes twenty minutes to get through the stretch of 16th between Spring Road and Irving on my morning bus ride!

    I think they need to not allow parking on 16th north of Meridian Hill Park until you cross Spring Road, day or night and fix the light timing. And they need to block access from Kenyon to Park Road and turn that main intersection at the heart of commercial Columbia Heights into a four-way stop, with some decent light timing around there.

    So, just the rantings of a new car owner, paying more attention now that I can’t just jaywalk my way to freedom.

    rave: Oh yeah, we’re taking a three-day first-anniversary car trip to do a baby shower for the wife’s family in metro NY, starting tonight!

  • Rant: why do people crack ass on the Metro?

    Rave: I see some blue in the sky and it’s Fridaaayyyyyy

  • @andy: You are right, that stretch of 16th is always bad. I prefer to swing over to rock creek pkwy to avoid it, even if it doesn’t really save any time.

    And now for some positive thoughts:

    Rave: Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 5769. 5-7-7-0 party over, out of time.

    Rave: Beautiful weather for a fun filled weekend. Crabs one more time tomorrow while celebrating my brother’s 30th birthday. Lots of fresh air time coming up.

    Rave: fingers crossed that we have used the A/C for the last time this year. Double bonus: my condo almost never needs to be heated. Two cheers for lower electric bills for the next six months!

    Raven’s Rave: 1-0.

    Rave some more: Berkeley Springs, WV in four weeks!

    Still raving: It’s not that cool, but I had hotdogs last night. And they were amazing.

    Rave on: managed to get my focus back at work. I was down after being on cloud nine the last couple of weeks. Nothing bad happened, just too much joy and excitement sustained for so long – my happy glands were all wore out. Sorta like the day after you drop E (so I was told in health class).

    NBC Rave: The Office is back on. Parkour!

    NBC Rave 2: New show Community. Hilarious. Finally, Chevy Chase found his funny again! I’ve waited since…Christmas Vacation? Wow. That is a drought.

  • RANT: I understand not a lot of people like hockey, in general. But what’s with DC sports bars not airing the Caps first pre-season gave vs. the Sabres last night? I had to settle for watching the Flyers. And no one likes the Flyers!

    Rave: Hockey season will soon be easier to watch come October ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rant: Credit card balance…

    Rave: Looking forward to brunch tomorrow morning!

    Rant: My boyfriend’s too-close-for-comfort platonic female friend. She’s bugging the bajeezus out of me lately.

  • Charlie – feel better

    I think they need to not allow parking on 16th north of Meridian Hill Park until you cross Spring Road, day or night and fix the light timing. And they need to block access from Kenyon to Park Road and turn that main intersection at the heart of commercial Columbia Heights into a four-way stop, with some decent light timing around there.

    AGREE 100%

  • rave: boyfriend had a great job interview last week, and now were just waiting to hear back. it would be fantastic to end this long distance thing by him moving to the district ๐Ÿ™‚

    rave: fall is coming… i am usually such a summer kind of guy, but for some reason, i am getting really stoked everytime i catch a cool breeze lately

    rant: two jobs
    rave: two jobs with two pay checks

  • Kalroini: The Caps game wasn’t on in the local bars because it wasn’t on TV at all. Unlike the NFL, most NHL pre-season games aren’t on TV.

  • Scuttlebutt: I’m well aware it wasn’t on TV – hence, the rant part of my comment! Too bad the U.S. doesn’t care about ice hockey that much…

  • The guy working on my house is wearing a t-shirt for a bail bonds place. He says “uh-oh” a lot. I think that’s a rant. Or at least cause for concern.

  • ontarioroader:

    The ma-la tofu at Great Wall is soft. We love that they deliver from 14th/Church to 16th/Monroe…by bicycle.

  • Had the hot and sour soup from Great Wall yesterday. Almost too spicy to finish, but I stuck it out!

  • Rave: cooler weather makes me put a blanket on bed and my pup snuggles up to keep warm

    Rant: cooler weather is going to make it hell for me this weekend at a tri race, when I was told not to get a wetsuit…grrrrrrrrr!!!

    Rave: after my tri race, I will finally allow myself to drink alcohol after many months of abstaining.

  • Rave: Dog came to work with me today.

    Rant: Schoolkids.

  • work, its chaos, managed chaos. I love it so much and it never ends.

    Q: I have a friend who has had a crush on me for years. Should I pitch the “friends with benefits” idea at her? I figure I should be up front so she wont get emotionally over-attached. I have no emotional attachment to her past friendship. Never came about earlier because of other entanglements, which have been resolved, sort of. We get along im just not looking for a relationship.

  • rave: Park View finally get’s its due in today’s weekend section.

    rant: It incorrectly identified as Petworth.

  • @rg: Friends with benefits can get into dangerous territory-especially when one of the participants has feelings of ‘like’ or ‘love’, while the other does not. I was FWB with my best friend but when he got a girlfriend almost a year later it tore my world apart because along the way I fell in love and a small part of me held on to the belief that he would too. Now that the girlfriend is gone, he’s back in my life; back to BFWB and me hoping things will be different…see the pattern? Just be careful, but above all, be honest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave – I did the triathlon! Yay!

    Rant – I have a head cold.

  • Thanks Mnomena, good perspective there. i am thinking of defining the rules up front. I have been on the fence about this for a while.

  • Rant: Ran into a racist last night that makes POPs experience last week seem like child’s play. Came as close as I ever have to a real barroom brawl. Managed not to smash his head into the wall before the bartender through the bum out.

    Rave: My company is sending me to Hawaii next week. One hour meeting on Thursday, so I have to leave Sundy AM (wouldn’t want to miss the meeting after all).

  • @ontarioroader: All ma po tofu should use soft/silken tofu, if its firm or fried THEYRE DOING IT WRONG

  • Anyone claim that Petworth pooch poodle yet ?

  • Rant: Some turkey driving a double decker tour bus tried to run me down while I was in the crosswalk this morning on my way to work.
    1) I was in the cross walk and had a walk sign
    2) i wasn’t distracted or playing with my phone, i’m just f*cking WALKING! Like a normal human being in a crosswalk.

    he accelerates, slams on his brakes, accelerates, slams on his breaks, inching closer to me. then opens his window and starts hollering and swearing at me to move my ass and quit dilly-dallying (what?!). i inform him i have a walk sign, he yells at me more.

    Happy Friday to you too sir, and to the tourists on your bus: welcome to the district.

  • Rave – Just found the coolest mushroom in rock creek park on the Melvin Hazen trail – Home Depot orange, multi-layer fringey like a flamenco dancer’s dress and big as my head.

    Rant – driving to the park behind a girl on a bike, riding downhill on the narrow road, in flip flops with no helmet while TALKING ON HER PHONE. At least she looked young enough to have probably not reproduced yet, so natural selection may prevail.

    and rg – just pick up a random girl. (If you can.) There are plenty of women who are fine with plain hot horny s*x. The zipless f**k was invented in 1973!

    0% chance that your “friend” doesn’t already know your intentions, and though she may appreciate your noble intent to prevent her from getting emotionally attached, and “defining the rules up front” (excuse me – barrrrfff!) it will still be messy and hurtful. I know these postings can be mis-construded, but wow, you sound plain creepy.

  • Rant: The screw that I accidentally dropped into my dishwasher 5 months ago finally showed up…in my garbage disposal…thereby grinding it to a halt.

    Rave: I was able to pry the screw out with pliers and the disposa works again!

    Rant: I got so excited that my disposal wasn’t busted that I couldnt find the screw again after I pried it out.

    Rave: My wife found the screw about 15 minutes later!

    Rant: The screw is clearly haunted.

  • Rant: Why are the Mtp Curmudgeons hysterically planning for Fiesta DC as if were the invasion of Normandy and a hurricane?

    Rave: I stocked up on toilet paper and batteries and heard the National Guard is coming in to help.

  • Thanks victoria, i appreciate you honesty. I dont think i can do the bar scene/random hookup thing anymore, I just feel to old for it, tired of it years ago And i it would feel creepy. I think think the term “rules” might have been innacurate. But two adults can certainly talk things out before getting involved. She is my age which is good, there is plenty of space between us as well. its more complicated than a hookup though, unfortunately. she has no idea this is coming.

  • thanks rg for clarification & I think now, being not icky! Good luck, but do remember – if you’re here, chances are good she at least knows this blog exists . . .

    I personally sigh at the thought of “talking things over” before sex – I understand the whole blah blah blah, but I’m a Henry Miller fan. Shut up and rip things. Sex ought not be like planning the invasion of Normandy.

    Any day you wake up alive is a good day – even if you wake up to a big mistake.

  • victoria:Normandy, great analogy. I assume your referencing Tropic of Cancer, but its been way too long since I read that one. You also make a good point that she may be reading this, hell it may be you for all i know. She has no idea, and hopefully the friendship will remain regardless of the conversation.
    I cant help but notice that you sound grounded and extroverted, and generally fantastic. How about dinner sometime? I know a good steak house in DC that everyone on POP hates. Hopefully Type-A guys havent turned you off yet. rg

  • Rave: Sounds like Matt G has a screw loose.

    Rant: Why don’t we have a really good hardware store in Columbia Heights or Petworth!?

  • @Wishing, here’s hoping a good hardware store comes to Columbia Heights or Petworth. In the meantime, I recommend Pfieffers Hardware in Mt Pleasant.

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