Good Deal or Not? Home & Garden Edition


This home is located at 1840 Ontario Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“House & Garden w/ legal rental unit. Your wait is over!Wonderful 1909 brick TH w/ fab garden & pond. Many original architectural elements. 3BR, 2.5BA+1Br, 1BA Eng bsmt unit w/ C of O. Chef’s kit. Sep DR. Lovely master w/ bay, bath. Det gar. EZ walk to Woodley, Adams Morgan, METRO, restaurants, shops. Quiet street. Great opportunity.”

More info and photos found here.

I think folks who love old school detail are gonna love this one. What do you think of the photos? The garden?

Does $865,000 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • I love this street and would buy it just to keep it intact and out of the hands of condo developers.

  • Lovely…

    Hysterical when sellers just take a picture of a piece of furniture (like the breakfront in the kitchen) as though that will be a selling point. Can you please use a wide-angle lens to show us the actual house, not just your favorite possessions?

  • Entry tiles, wood fireplace surrounds and the back yard are swoon worthy.

    Window a/c units are not. Hope the owners drop the price. Maybe $849k?

  • Just like every other listing, this confirms that “Chef’s Kitchen” means “Has Stove, Oven, limited counterspace.” What a disappointment. And mismatched appliances? Thank goodness for pictures allowing us to see that “Chef’s Kitchen” is a bold faced lie; the realtor should have just said “updated kitchen”–what else in the property could also be a stretch of the truth? The price maybe?

  • I dig it, esp that vestibule. Very nice block too. Not surprised if this one moves around 850.

  • $865 and no central air? i’m going to pass, lvoe the location and a lot of the stuff that has been kept intact but there are other things that need major work – garage looks like its about to fall down.

  • $865 and no central air? i’m going to pass, love the location and a lot of the stuff that has been kept intact but there are other things that need major work – garage looks like its about to fall down. I think they need to drop the price a bit.

  • You really couldn’t ask for a nicer location, with that street being so beautiful and fairly secluded, yet steps away from the exciting entertainment and violence of Adams Morgan.

  • It’s not so much the wall units that are the problem as much as the fact that the wall units represent a lack of attention and interest paid to the home over the years. This is also apparent in the slapdash replacement of appliances in the kitchen that was no accompanied by an update of the cabinets and countertops. It’s a great location, but a buyer is going to have to feel like he’s getting a good deal compared to other similarly-sized homes on the same block.

  • Knock $15K off the price for zoned central AC (leave radiators / hot water heat).

    Price is ok for place with rental unit and parking. Not crazy about the kitchen, but I’d update to my preference

  • This will sell. Can’t beat the location.

  • Grrr!!! This price point in Petworth, one day… I do hope so.

  • Can you really retrofit a house like this with zoned central AC for $15k? I’d say you have to knock down the price by the amount necessary to put in central air and then the price to do some other repairs (kitchen work, deck work, etc.), for it to get down to the right price. Alternately, the seller could do those things for the buyer as a condition of the sale (or give cash at the closing). Then this is probably a decent ballpark price (under 850 sounds like a more likely final price, though). I’m sure its priced a little above the sold comps, but I bet most of the sold comps had central AC and a better kitchen. Hence, those comps aren’t exactly apples to apples. And its disingenious to rely on them.

  • You can’t really retrofit for CAC for 15k. I just did it in a much smaller house and it cost 22k. THe cost curve is very steep with size, too because ductwork is very labor intensive and difficult to do in a non-ghetto way. My house was basically one big room per floor so it was easy (it was also gutted).

  • One could add zoned a/c to this house around $15k if you go with mini-split systems, not the traditional duct-based, forced air central a/c. No big holes, no duct work.

  • Overpriced, as usual.

  • @CAHBF

    22K is really steep, even for a quality job. I don’t know the SOW, but I priced a lot of HVAC vendors and that’s on the extreme end for a row house.

    I did a high quality quality zoned AC in a DC rowhouse for more like 13K (Carrier Infinity 17 SEER with mini split on lower). If you can put the upstairs unit in the attic and the lower unit in the basement (maybe harder with rental unit), you don’t need additional bulkheads for ducts at all — you vent through the ceiling upstairs and floor registers downstairs. The ducts are either in plain sight in the attic (no big deal) or run between joists in the basement (could be some work depending on how finished the basement is). The upstairs unit handles 80% of the cooling load, so 2 high SEER units is overkill.

  • also notice pretty bad pictures of bathrooms. looking at that kitchen and the window units leads me to beleive nothing much has been done with them either – although in some instances that’s a good thing
    so many nice architectural features though, and great location. it’ll get pretty close to asking. $40k investment would take it to another price level though – $950

  • Beautiful house, great location, but it needs A/C installation.

  • No central air is why it’s 865K – it would be priced way higher if it had it. Prob is a good deal.

    Also, all of you who got a lovely deal on AC, prices go up in DC fast. The same company who did our neighbors identical rowhouse for 13K only 3 yrs ago quoted us 18K. We are trying to figure out a way to go back in time to put in AC several years ago 😮

  • Nice house with that original feeling of days of yore.
    Did anyone else notice that it seems that the front room is the dining room and the back room the living room? I couldn’t tell where the kitchen is in relation to these two rooms but this house seems almost identical to my own on 13th St. (but mirror image) and I believe the kitchen is off what is the living room (and therefore the DR in my house). My kitchen is also very similar to this and although you can’t tell from the picture the lower part of that large window over the sink probably is about 4 or 5 inches below the countertop level.
    When I redid my kitchen I bricked it up to make the window shorter by about a foot.
    Price? Well this house is better than mine. 1. better neighborhood (IMHO) 2. Slightly larger. 3. Extra bath (I have 1.5) 4. Rental unit.
    I do have a better garage, but smaller and I am centrally aired and close to Petworth and Col. Heights metros.
    That said, 865K? Zillow puts me at 501.5K.
    365K difference?
    Price is probably high. I’d say it should sell for 750K-800K.

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