Good Deal or Not? “Beamed cathedral ceilings” Edition


This home is located at 1547 4th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Spread out in this sun filled, spacious federal style townhome in the heart of Shaw! Luxury awaits you as you enter this renovated home to its original historic charm! Hardwoods, exposed brick, beamed cathedral ceilings and so much more!”

More info and photos found here.

I think this is a good looking house. Though, it’s interesting that it is three levels but only has 2 bedrooms. What do you think of the renovations/photos? Does $479,900 sound reasonable?

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  • Looks like a nice renovation, but am I reading this right? The dining room is on the floor above the kitchen? That is all bad.

    And, though I’m the one always pushing for use of wide-angle lenses, the photo of the kitchen cracked me up… look at the width of that door!

  • Then there is the mosque a few doors down. Calls to prayer are a bit loud. Some residents have mentally blocked it out.

  • i like that in the photo of the front door the steel gate is open while the actual door is closed, making it look like there is no steel gate.

  • I was about to say bad deal based on price, number of bedrooms, and location. The finished basement and outdoor patio or nice features, though.

  • i’m trying to understand the layout here. is the kitchen in the basement? how do you get to the back yard?

  • Above average for the neighborhood, which can be a good or bad thing. A little confused about the floorplan as well but with that much nice space you could make something work I’m sure. Back patio badly needs depaving and plants, who lays that much brick when they have kids?

  • Beamed ceilings?? A couple of stained 2×4’s stuck to the ceiling does not make a beamed cathedral ceiling!

  • I love that house but am surprised by the price. I would have guessed 100K less for 2br, 2bath on that street. Am I delusional ?

  • I love the stairs and exposed brick.

  • 480k for a place where the dining room is not next to the kitchen? That’s crazy… there are other, better options out there!

  • It looks like they kept the victorian layoout The kitchen was in the basement with the dining room above. Food was sent upstairs by dumbwaiter to the butler’s pantry. One of the upstairs bedrooms was probably at one time divided into 2 small rooms giving the house 3 bedrooms.

  • It’s really large for a 2br/2ba. My guess on layout is kitchen and den on the lower level (which actually has pretty good light), living room and dining on first floor, and two bedrooms upstairs. The bedrooms both seem to be a good size which isn’t typical.

    I think young marrieds, first-time homebuyers, etc. would pay $440 or so for this kind of space in this location. Obviously not a place to really grow into or have kids long term.

  • there is nothing original, historic, or charming about this place except for the floors. No sale.

  • Looks to be a nice house…but I think its overpriced by about $100k. Foreclosures in that area have been going in the 200’s and non foreclosures in the 300’s. But you also have to take into account that this is near one of the deadliest intersections of the past year, 5th & O NW. This intersection has been so dangerous this is a police cruiser permanently stationed there, and even that hasnt stopped the murders on that block.

  • I don’t think the rough block discount is six figures anymore. I bet this will go at around 450.

  • Bad Deal all the way around, this is another round of buy too high cant sell in years 2011, 2012 or 2013. The realestate crooks are circling the waters again. Don’t get burned again

  • call me crazy but i like the place. however, i looked in that area off 3rd and q and thank my lucky stars that i decided against purchasing. no amenities that are eaisly walkable, and at night it’s downright scary. lots of great housing stock, too bad the criminal element in that are is alive and well.

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