Georgia Ave Getting Some Fancy New Bus Shelters

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We’ve seen this nice new shelters all over town. Georgia Ave near the Petworth metro is now getting in the action.

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  • Why do these shelters have to have ads in them? It was a bad decision to allow it. It’s visual pollution and gets real ugly after a while– especially in residential areas because they are lighted at night.

  • ads = revenue. metro is bleeding dry and they need to offset costs any way they can. visual pollution? – have a little perspective.

  • Actually the bus stop shelters were a deal between DC and Clear Channel. The District got the all new/uniform bus shelters plus maintenance for free in exchange for Clear Channel being able to earn revenue from the advertising.

  • my understanding is that clear channel installed the shelters for free in exchange for rights to advertise in them. so, basically, we gave clear channel a bunch of free public property to put up billboards.

  • This is very similar to am/fm radio… it’s free, as a result you have to hear commercials. I’m sure you would rather pay an increased fare or have an WMATA anti-ad fee assessed on your DC tax return… there you go wanting to have your cake and eat it too lulu.

  • saf

    Dirty – WMATA is getting no money from these. DDOT controls this contract. And yes, Eric in Ledroit has it right, as does Fellow Petworthian.

  • Saf is right, WMATA’s not getting the money, DDOT is because the bus stops are part of the public space, which is controlled by DDOT. The real question is though, how much money is the Grahamstander getting? He’s got oversight of both agencies….

  • My apologies… DDOT anti-ad fee. Point is they installed bus shelters and are responsible for maintaining them… that is not free, and now they get to advertise to re-coup there investment… this is basic capitalism… just like the radio. The alternative to no-ad shelters is no improvement or increased fares/fees/taxes. So if you can complain about the ads, but approve of the improvement… then you are having your cake and eating it too.

    As for Graham, he’s a politician getting new bus stops for his constituency and getting campaign contributions from Clear Channel… that’s our democracy in action.

  • The deal wasn’t just some giveaway for Clear Channel, as some of you seem to believe. CC is also responsible for maintenance and upkeep. And many, if not all of these new-style bus shelters, will have electronic signage relaying Nextbus information for passengers waiting for the bus.

  • Uh, advertising on bus shelters in DC, or other cities for that matter, is nothing new. The junky old shelter by my office near Metro Center has an advertisement the same size as these new ones.

  • My main beef about these is that in some places (e.g. 16th & Spring) the shelter’s advertising obstructs my view of traffic, making it more difficult to turn right on red safely.

    I also understand that revenues from Clear Channel went to promote the bike rental program. I’ve read criticisms that we didn’t get enough to fully fund it.

    Also: generic anti-Clear Channel message goes here.

  • Weren’t a couple dozen shelters like this smashed in a spree last month?

    But I’m sure the denizens of Georgia Avenue wouldn’t engage in such wanton vandalism.

  • @ 3:55 pm – hilarious! Post of the day!

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