Dear PoP – Almost Shooting at 13th and Kenyon 9/23 @ 6:30pm


“Dear PoP,

Yesterday (Wed) at 6:30pm I was watching a soccer game at Tubman Elementary on Kenyon two houses West of Wonderland directly across the street from a young kid about 14yo who crouched to the ground when he and another youth a few houses up recognized each other and got into a staring match. The kid closest to me slowly pulled a gun from inside his underpants and the other kid darted toward my side of the street and toward 13th street and moments before I thought he’d be shot a cop in jeans and a red polo shirt apprehended the kid with the gun. No shots fired, no screaming -I don’t even think the soccer players knew anything was going on 1/2 block away. I never noticed the 2 plain clothes policemen and huge kudos for the quick professional arrest. The gun wielding youth was of slight build, medium height, dressed well and someone you would not view as threatening. Someone you would expect a mom to have her arm around. Likely in another 5-10 seconds shots would have been fired. Crazy to be so young and willing and prepared to kill another with his whole life ahead of him when he seemed so calm. Even when sitting handcuffed with the cops on the corner of 13th and Kenyon the assailant did not seem angry, scared or threatening.”

Well, this is just insane. Thankfully nobody was hurt and MPD made an arrest.

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  • Seriously…This violence needs to stop. I’m over it….Almost everyday it is something. Breaks my heart. I was talking to my neighbor who has lived on our block for over 20 years and she agreed—I would be more then happy to pay more in property tax if that meant more patrol officers for the neighborhood!!!!!

  • Of course he didn’t “seem angry, scared, ….” because he knows he’ll be out on the streets later that night. He probably won’t even get a slap on the wrists… These punks know that nothing will happen to them, that’s why did pack heat with little to no fear.

  • Gun control now.

  • LOL @ Gun Control. Its damn near suffocating as it stands in DC. Only the criminals are the ones with guns considering its borderline impossible to buy one here. Lessen the constraints and allow the public to defend themselves. Criminals will ALWAYS have guns and nothing you granola gentrified goobers can do will stop that.

  • It’s unclear from the account above, but were either of these kids affiliated with the house that’s a couple west of Wonderland on Kenyon where large groups of “thuggish” juveniles tend to congregate on occasion? It could just be a coincidence, but a few months ago I remember noticing a large group of thuggish kids congregating around that house just a very short time period before this stabbing occurred a block away:

    I’m relatively new to the neighborhood and don’t want to jump to conclusions, but is this a known problem house? I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a problem that we can try to address to keep this kind of violence from happening again. Based on the extremely quick police response in this incident, it sounds like the police may already be aware of a problem.

  • I have been looking for info about this since last night! I walked by on my way home from work ~6:45 PM and there was police tape up and several squad cars at the scene – a neighbor who is always on his front porch nearby told me that a “someone was at the elementary school with a gun.”

    I find this to be extremely scary. In daylight, with dozens of people walking home from work, people walking dogs, and KIDS FROM THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM AT HARRIET TUBMAN GETTING PICKED UP… so many people out and about. This could have been tragic if they started chasing each other and firing.

  • Hey, I think this was actually a really good story. The cops PREVENTED a dangerous crime from happening and got the kid and the gun off the streets. A lot of people talk about the cops doing nothing, but this was quite good work!

  • @Jojo Seriously, your (and so many others in the country’s) bizarre view of gun control is back a$$wards.

    Until the mid-90’s, Australia had fairly lax gun laws (much like those across the US today). But the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 was the culmination of about 10 years of rising gun crime, and resulted in the newly elected CONSERVATIVE prime minister (John Howard) to push through the enactment of very strict gun legislation. Although governed by the states/territories, Australia now across the board requires both a 28 day waiting period AND a ‘genuine reason’ for getting a license. Self-defense, in this context, is NOT a genuine reason. Hunting, animal control (rural), collecting and target shooting are all genuine reasons. And even the gun lobby doesn’t fight this. They see how stupid it is to have a heavily armed society. They conduct campaigns nationally to remind people who do own guns to store/lock them correctly.
    The Australian government continues to conduct annual (I think) buy back programs nationally. The result? Even the crooks have fewer guns. Gun violence is way down. Across the board.

    It is not that hard to do. Minimize the legal guns, and you minimize the guns in the hands of those who aim to act illegally. And therefore promote the safety of all.
    This ‘cold dead hands’ crap is just that, crap.

    I’m so tired of this argument. Callously (and I expect to be flamed for this) I wish all the people who want their guns so badly would just meet in a big field, dig a big hole, and have a great big duel in the middle of the hole. Then the rest of us who don’t feel the need to stoke your own egos by carrying around the ‘tools of rage’ (h/t Ani Difranco, “to the teeth”) could just leave you all in your hole with your weapons and bury you with your beloveds, and we wouldn’t have to deal with all the projectile metal any more. Grr.

  • Great work by the undercover police officer! I witnessed a similar take down by undercover cops at 11th and Columbia a couple of years ago. While it’s nice to see marked patrol cars driving around, I almost think it’s more comforting to know that there are undercover cops walking among us.

    OBTW, since this was a gun offense committed near school property, doesn’ty this carry a higher penalty? That’s not to say that they kid won’t be back on the street tomorrow, but I’m more curious about what the difference in penalty would be given the fact that it happened near a school.

  • Bravo to the police for preventing a crime.

    And I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – if you want to GUARANTEE an increase in dead innocent bystanders, then let everyone have a gun and encourage them to use it any time they feel threatened. Look people, it’s not just the criminals that miss. The rhetorical link from “more guns” to “safer society” is illogical and deeply disturbing.

  • How can we find out what happens to this kid?

    PoP, you report nearly every crime that occurs in this neighborhood. You should keep a link / webage that summarizes the crime:

    – when it happened
    – what were the circumstances
    – what is the current status
    – who (which judges, etc.) were involved

    We need some accountability. We need our elected officials to know that we’re keeping track of who does what and who’s letting these folks back on the street.

  • but how did the cops know to be at THAT spot, at THAT time?

  • THis kind of thing happens in CH and PW at any corner at any time. These thugs are ubiquitous.

  • How can we find out what happens to this kid?

    You report nearly every crime that occurs in this neighborhood. You should keep a link / webage that summarizes the crime:

    – when it happened
    – what were the circumstances
    – what is the current status
    – who (which judges, etc.) were involved

    We need some accountability. We need our elected officials to know that we’re keeping track of who does what and who’s letting these folks back on the street.

  • That is insane police work. The gun-weilding kid clearly must have been under surveillance. Maybe someone snitched to the police that he had a gun.

    For all those lawyers out there, I’m curious to know he could be charged with without actually discharging the weapon?

  • @EPF: I doubt anyone snitched.

    I’ll bet a good citizen did their civic duty and informed the police that there was a violent criminal, albeit a young one, who was involved in illegal activities. This is what responsible citizens do.

  • Jojo, sorry, I should have said “Federal/country wide gun control now”.

  • @Follow Up: the current laws regarding juvenile crime are designed to specifically PREVENT following up like you suggest. Also, these same local legislators WANT these types of kids back on the street without any consequences. They genuinely believe that all these precious flowers just need a hug and whether or not they are prosecuted is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    Yes, it’s bizarre, but welcome to DC local government!

  • please, if you’re new to the neighborhood, jump to conclusions and call the police! the reason that neighbors don’t call the police on these houses is that they rely on them to buy marijuana and will accept the rapes and murders as collateral damage. when you see a real problem, don’t be naive, call the police.

    Written in 1986. 23 years later, nothing has changed.

    In the ghettos, though, it appears that the distinctive culture is now the greatest barrier to progress by the black underclass, rather than either unemployment or welfare. Today the bedrock of the economic arguments of both left and right is eroding: the value of welfare benefits is declining, and the northern industrial cities are not rapidly losing jobs anymore. Still the ghettos get worse, and the power of culture seems to be the reason why. The new immigrants of the eighties (Koreans, Vietnamese, West Indians) have in many cases settled in the ghettos, and so should have experienced all of the reverse incentives, but they have quickly become successful, because they maintain a separate culture.

    The negative power of the ghetto culture all but guarantees that any attempt to solve the problems of the underclass in the ghettos won’t work — the culture is too strong by now. Any solution that does work, whatever it does about welfare and unemployment, will also have to get people physically away from the ghettos.

  • he can be charged with criminal possession of a weapon (i’m guessing the kid doesn’t have a concealed-weapon permit), and the charge is jacked up for possession within a certain distance from a school.

  • Is there any charge related to the intent to commit a violent crime with a deadly weapon?

  • This kid is already out of custody and probably already has another weapon. Don’t fool yourself. DC is a broken place. I’m leaving as soon as I can.

  • “Is there any charge related to the intent to commit a violent crime with a deadly weapon?”

    Not sure about the charge, but the consequence, if any, will be a short holiday at New Beginnings — the Anti-Prison (TM). Watch out for the rose bushes.

  • congrats elizqueenmama!

    You win the “I Make Everyone Around Me Stupid Just For Existing” award!

    I feel bad for the people who agree with you… because they have you on their side.

  • I’m pretty sure assault could be thrown in there too. Don’t actually have to attack someone, just have to threaten it with the present ability to carry it out. Since his threatening gesture involved a gun, perhaps assault with a deadly weapon.

    Funny how quick this knowledge wears off though – I could be confusing criminal elements with tort elements.

  • it sounds like the kid was pointing the gun at some other kids…that could be charged as assault with a dangerous weapon gun and then the gun charges. needless to say a teenager can’t register a firearm so you’re looking at carrying a pistol without a license and then ammo charges too if it was loaded. i think there is a potential of possession of a firearm during a crime of violence too. not sure though. and there should be an enhancement for w/in a school zone. although none of that really matters since the worst that can happen to a juvenile is commitment to the Dept of Youth Rehabilitation Services…and if you’ve read any Colbert King articles…you know their record.

    i just wish we could find out what he is charged with and if he’s locked up pretrial. i can’t imagine a judge releasing this kid…even if he is a kid. he’s still dangerous and the fact that he was probably seconds away from shooting and killing another person should make that decision easy.

  • @Follow up

    DC judges are appointed not elected and juvenile proceedings are confidential.

  • The U.S. Attorney prosecutes all local crime and is not elected even though the citizens of D.C. voted in 2002 to elect a local district attorney. There is no accountability in D.C.

  • @TonyS

    You’re essentially calling me a ‘smarty-pants’ because I, uh, have actually bothered to research into the topic of gun rights/gun control and find the argument ‘if we all had guns there would be less violence’ specious to say the least?

    What is it that bothers you? That I actually know something about the topic? Or that I disagree with you?

  • I think we all need to view the situation differently. The thugs are not in our neighborhood, we are in theirs! As such don’t expect this activity to stop.

  • Just saw a The Black Caucus sponsored screening of Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair. One sad thing observed and proven: this depressed, ghetto community could bankrupt every Asian wig shop and carryout owner in this city and black folks could open their own if they boycotted these places for one week. Does this have anything to w/this kid pulling a gun? Hell yes. Drill deep.

  • This “we are in their neighborhood” attitude is part of the problem.

    Shooting people is objectively wrong.

    How long do I have to live here before it becomes my neighborhood? I’ve rented in the area for 3 years and I bought a house here over a year ago, so I’m at 4 years. Am I part of the neighborhood yet? What about when I hit the 10 year mark? Am I a part of the neighborhood then?

    I’m sorry, but the thugs need to go. Time to take the trash out.

  • Since most of the young children in DC who use guns on a regular basis aren’t celebreties, if you really started keeping a public website with data on their cases they could sue for invasion of privacy. And of course the authorities are are not allowed to tell us who they are or the status of their cases anyway because the court seals their records. I think we need a new law that establishes a violent youth offender registry and of course tougher sentencing (aka tried as an adult) so these kids and their handlers know they cannot get off scot-free every freakin’ time. My attorney says that it would be legal in the absence of a legitimate policy solution to form a private group that documents the activities of these violent children in our community. But do we really want to waste our time and our minds tracking these children? I have enough trouble with my own, criminy!

    WAY to go MPDC, I wonder if the prosecuters will actually follow up this time so the officer’s willingness to risk their lives in our defense isn’t done in vain?

  • Interesting comments re Australia’s gun laws, but I don’t think they shed light on a possible solution for gun violence here. In the US, self defense IS a genuine reason for owning a firearm, as Heller made clear. And I’m by no means a gun advocate, but I don’t see how outlawing guns will keep them out of the hands of criminals. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have a drug problem in this country. After all, they’re illegal, too.

  • what bothers me is you saying anyone who disagrees with your views should be dead.

    you are the problem.

  • @TonyS
    Ah, I see.
    I understand how that could disturb. Just understand that in general, I enjoy debate. I disagree with lots of people about lots of things, and do not wish them harm. On the other hand, I believe that people who wish to keep and carry guns for no reason other than to shoot other people have, in effect, a death wish. And they endanger the people around them (that would be me, my children, my friends). I think that guns belong in the realm of ‘your freedom extends as far as it can so long as it doesn’t intrude on mine’ (can’t remember how the saying actually goes, sorry).
    As it is, 5 year old daughter knows the sound of gunfire – remembers being pulled into an alley and squished between me and a dirty brick wall, just to be safe. Adding more guns to the streets impede my ability to walk down the streets.

    and @dcdude – i understand it is the law of the land at the moment, but it shouldn’t be. And if society could take some steps to change, it won’t be. laws change all the time. hell, less than 100 years ago I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote.

  • I wish I shared your optimism, but I don’t think this country would EVER repeal the 2nd amendment. That’s about as likely as repealing the 1st.

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