Congrats to Ike – Coolest Pet in PoPville 2009 Winner

Ike with Fork

Ike pulled out the victory with 51% of the vote. It was a tough fight with the lead going back and forth between Ike and Dr. Dre. Now for 2010 I’m going to assemble a panel of 5 judges to select the winner. The polls proved far too easily manipulated. But as I’ve said before, all the contestants were great and brought many smiles to PoPville. Now one of the nice things about being the editor of this blog is that it entitles me certain prerogatives. I don’t often use them but in this case I will. I have decided to make an editor’s pick – coolest pet in popville as well. And I’m happy to bestow the editor’s pick to Dr. Dre:

Dr. Dre Constantine

I know that may sound a bit weak but I can’t wait to see Dr. Dre on a t-shirt. So as Ike is the people’s choice – he will be featured on a t-shirt as the people’s choice for coolest pet in popville 2009. Dr. Dre will be featured as the editor’s choice for coolest pet in popville 2009. Now I am going to provide Ike’s owner with a free t-shirt. But I need to know how many shirts to order. Please specify if you are interested in an Ike or a Dre shirt.

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  • Congrats to the winners and their humans! But watch your back, Lumpy is watching.

  • I’m a fan of the green PoP shirts, but I have a lighter green one with yellow trim–can’t say I’m a huge fan of that color combination. White with the kelly green trim would be pretty sweet looking. 🙂 Thanks PoP!

  • cat people. Ill never understand.

  • This contest was a hootenanny heck of a good time. Thanks Pops and all of the contestants. I’m curious to know what breed or mix Oz is though? He’s was soooo cute!

    I was a Lumpy, Blondie and Chicken fan, but FINE count me in for a Dr. Dre T-shirt (medium) with all of its poor resolution glory ;0) I also like the green Popville t-shirts, but whatever. And am I being a total pain in the a$$ by requesting tank tops?

  • I love the green/yellow/red theme you have going on, but dig the idea of using the tree too.

    I’ll order a regular PoP one, but the cat and dog are already jealous enough of eachother so I can’t bring a 3rd party into the dynamnic. This contest was a ton of fun –added great fun to the site and the doldrums of August. 🙂

  • Lumpy wins for Most Intriguing Pet in Petworth!!

  • 2 Dre shirts, both in small please.

  • I believe allowing a cat with opposable thumbs to win will unfortunately encourage genetic and other enhancements of pets to be entered in the next such contest. However, the cat is unopposably cute.

  • andy, I believe that’s what he meant when he said “start prepping for 2010”. Get out your test tubes and whatnot.

  • Do yourself a favor, Dan, and limit the number of entrants to the first x received in any particular category. Maybe 20 dogs total. 20 cats total. 20 other total. Post after post after post of animals got to be a little much. Fun contest though.

    And yeah, new design for the shirts. Keep it fresh.

  • You might be all polled out, but would it be possible to post a couple designs/color combinations and let people have a say in the new design that way.

  • Ike looks exactly like my sweet and gentle feral kitty I rescued from the street with the exception of the thumb. Awwww.

  • Ike is very grateful for all the support from PoPville. He promises to use his thumbs only for good, not evil.

    Though little do you all know… Ike not only has a thumb, but a sixth toe as well. He’s not just evolved, he’s hyper-evolved.

    If you would like to meet Ike, you can probably do that. He’s learning to open doors and will soon be just coming and going as he pleases.

  • I’d like to put in my vote for new colors for POP shirts. Not a fan of green.

  • Two medium-sized Dre shirts for dre’s dad, please!

    Dre really appreciates the honor of being the editor’s choice, and fully endorses the benevolent monarchy! He may have to celebrate with a *second* martini on his sofa tonight. Thanks, PoP!

  • should we have another pop tshirt design contest?!?

  • loved the ‘coolest pet’ contest PoP! i like the idea of the tree logo on the shirt, too. keep up the great blogging 🙂

  • Ike has never supplied a birth certificate to prove he was born in this country! He’s not elgible! I want the Supreme Court to decide!

  • Does Dre make anyone else thing of those “world’s most interesting man” beer commercials?

    “He can speak French… in Russian.”

  • @WDC, YES!!!

    Dr. Dre’s thoughts on Rollerblading:

    Dr. Dre: No.

  • Is Dre bigger than Dre’s dad?

  • Thoughts on poll:

    You should not have displayed the poll results while voting. Then no one would know the vote count except you. And it would be easier to see when someone is cheating.

    Don’t use a poll that drops a cookie on your PC. Many anti-virus/spyware software packages do not allow this. In addition, most browsers can be configured this way.

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