A Look Inside New Pop Up at 2317 15th Street, NW


We judged this pop up a number of months ago (will have to add an updated photos soon) but the owner was nice enough to send a few photos. It looks amazing!

Thanks to the owners for being kind enough to share a peek. They also give a bit of background:

“We were very lucky to find a smart, green architect to guide us through this update, Rick Harlan Schneider, who specializes in earth-friendly modern design. His company is called iStudio: (www.istudioarchitects.com). He also works on community projects and is in the middle of designing a pretty cool public meeting center project with Takoma Park. He’s the real thing, not fake enviro–we were lucky to find him. He gave us good advice about use of materials, saving rain water, keeping down the chemical levels, proper disposal, re-use, etc., and we really love his design sense–simple and not overdone.”

2317 pics top-level-solar-door-open

2317 pics top-level-facing-street

2317 pics kitchen-to-dining

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  • I assume that the kitchen/dining area pictured there is not part of the pop-up.

    It looks like a nice sunroom, if you’re into the sunroom thing, which I personally am not. It’s more like a covered roofdeck rather than a popup meant to create more livable space.

  • what does the exterior look like now?

  • Pretty inside, but I don’t really understand what was gained with the pop-up. Seems like a waste of money, honestly.

  • Does anyone care that this is still an ugly, jarring addition.

  • that is unbelievably gorgeous

  • I like everything about it. Looks amazing.

  • I can’t imagine that the dining area/kitchen pictured is actually inside the pop up. Although if it is they have really increased their usable space. Assuming the kitchen/DR is not in the popup, I don’t even care that they basically just built a roof deck.

    Oh. My. God. Danish Teak! I love the way this looks. If it were up to me I would sit in this room drinking Heineken, reading Hamlet and hitting the mid-century modern bong all day.

    I love the hanging lights and it is wayyyyy cool that they used the pop up to create a cathedral ceiling.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The kitchen is not in the pop up.

  • Are they going to put the decorative molding back on the original top? Rigth now it looks like the house got a crew cut.

  • PoP: Maybe next time you talk to one of the pop-up owners you can ask them a little about what they had to go through with the city to get it approved and what kind of costs (ballpark) were involved. I think a lot of us might be curious what a roof deck or pop-up might involve – especially with the city.

  • what’s up with the neighbor’s competing pop-up?

  • Just noticed the name of the construction company. Hope they aren’t part of the constructor fleet working on the hyperspace bypass.

    [Yes, Douglas Adams fans, I know it’s “VogOn”]

  • chill out people — given that the house isn’t huge, this must have added something to house that the owners wanted (if they had built it to be a baby’s room would you all still be protesting?) Does this face out over Meridian Hill Park? I wish they would have included a pic of the view from the popup, rather than the extraneous kitchen pic!

  • Something I’ve always wondered about: Do these construction companies and architects knock a little off the bill in return for allowing them to advertise their companies on your home while the project is underway?

  • Very nice of them to share. Looks like a great relaxation area…who cares if it didn’t create more “livable” space?

  • Derek, I don’t know, but if it were me, a discount would be a condition of putting up their sign.

    Just like whenever I’ve bought a car, I tell the dealer he can put his decal or license-plate frame or whatever on my car, but only if he knocks 5% off the price. No one has ever taken me up on that.

  • OK, the rude but entirely pertinent question: what did this cost? I think it’s fantastic and would love to have something like this on my attached rowhouse, but as some commenters have noted, it’s essentially just the addition of an indoor/outdoor roofdeck. I’d be hard-pressed to drop a whole lot on a space that is most entertainment-oriented. Am I looking at House (renovation) porn here?

  • @WDC In California and New York (and possibly other states) the decals are illegal unless you will be compensated (they still do the plate frame, but the idea there is that it can be easily removed when you get your plates – in fact you will have to remove it to put the plates on, if you choose to put it back on then that’s your choice.)

    @MK I don’t find it ugly or jarring at all. Beautifully conceived. Clearly an addition. Does more to highlight the original building than anything “historically” “correct.” Buildings and cities are living breathing places. They should evolve. You know, IMHO.

  • Its a place for two chairs. Am I missing something? Seems pretty stupid.

  • Christopher, judging by this picture I cannot concur that its “beautifully conceived” but I will go by there this evening for a firsthand look and with an open mind.

  • Looks like it is a little more complicated than just a place to enjoy a nice view. Actually environmentally impacts the whole house. From the architect’s website, “A rooftop pavilion reaches out over fifteenth street and frames the amazing view of Meridian Hill Park. Warm wood lines the inside of the stucco form and channels light into the house via the stairwell. Spaces become more flexible by eliminating interior walls in favor of movable partitions and low counters. Kitchen and dining areas are lit with high-gloss finishes over wood tones and warm colors. The pavilion itself acts as a solar chimney with built-in settings that provide cooling and fresh air to the previously isolated spaces in the basement. New home systems provide comfort and energy savings. “

  • “a place to put two chairs”?

    um this is a crazy sick roof deck. the roof deck on my house gets more use than any other room than the bedroom.

  • @Matt G – you are so close yet still so far away. Obviously this is wasted on you. Now get back to work cube-monkey.

  • “a place for two chairs”
    that sounds beautiful.

  • Whatever. You probably all jerk off to Dwell magazine.

  • More like flick off

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