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I don’t know why but the asterisk really cracked me up. Your captions in the comments and winner announced Friday. Winner gets a free PoP t-shirt (I’m running low so sizes are limited).

Ed. Note: I’m designing the next version of PoP t-shirts so if you have any ideas shoot me an email.

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  • On Monday I’m getting them taken care of.

  • Bob’s Tavern in NW has picked up business in recent weeks, mainly due to bar specials based on the recently discovered Lost Biblical Verses of the New Testament. This week’s featured verse: “‘And then, on the day that is the Holiest of days, Jesus looked down and said, ‘Holy S**t.’ – John 21:26”

  • The rest of the week the surviving crabs dawn blue shirts and terrorize the city’s sidewalk shrubbery…At least that’s what my neighbor told me.

  • Due to city wide budget cuts, we’ve been forced to only offer our award winning local STD’s as a time share option.

  • *weekday patrons need not worry

  • We’ve got CRABS*

    *Sunday **

    **Because we’re spending Saturday night in Adams Morgan

  • ** That’s the good news…We’re out of Old Bay Seasoning

  • **(limited offer, restrictions apply, not available for Sarah M from Falls Church, you better get yourself to a doctor pronto Sarah, you crabbed up ho)

  • Anticipating weekend events.

  • Talk about “The Deadliest Catch!”

  • VOR, that’s not funny. “Ho” is a very hurtful word used by someone in a position of power to keep others repressed. Everyone should be forced by the government to stop using discriminatory words. Offenders should be sent to work camps.

  • Downtown bar Rumors responds to recent DC legislation requiring full disclosure about the condition of their establishment.

  • anon 9:54 ftw!!

  • Local tavern prepares for a visit from the Real World DC cast

  • On Monday we all go out for drinks to congratulate each other for coming up with the really hilarious “We’ve got crabs” double entendre all by ourselves. On Tuesday a number of friends alert us to the fact that millions of crab establishments around the world already beat us to the punch. On Wednesday we stay in, embarrassed lonely and confused. Thursday is season 3, disc 2 of Gilmore Girls. Friday we sell our crab restaurant and use the cash to buy motorcycles. On Saturday we set out to really discover America.

  • Better than getting their Mozzarella Syph on Wednesday

  • Itch every week likes its crabs week.

  • A huge success compared to last week’s 2 for 1 syphilis shots happy hour

  • We hebben krabben!

  • The city’s new program to have all public school students tested for STD’s is making it possible for a number of us to be more open about our condition.

  • Dam good City
    Dam good tradition
    Harvested in DC
    One dam good crab

  • Dam good City
    Dam good tradition
    Harvested in DC
    One dam good crab

  • *Be polite and try not to stare when our Sunday staff scratches uncontrollably at their crotch while taking your order and delivering your beer.

  • **…but they have better attitudes when they haven’t been to church that morning.

  • This sign, seen out side Obama’s town hall meetings on healthcare reform, epitimizes the fears of local New Hampshire residents when it comes to coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  • Sunday- We got CRABS!
    Monday- CLAP for SLIDERS!
    Tuesday- Mind the DRIP….$3 drafts all nite!
    Wednesday – Cold Sore Wednesday…bring your own 40 oz cup!

    ok…i just cant go further…

  • After getting her mandatory HPV shot on Saturday, 18 year-old high school senior Janisha used her fake ID to get into the bar. She’s protected from everything now, right?

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