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  • sweeeeeet! that sounds awesome. Bobby Mckey’s is definitely one of my favorite bars in the area…(and the only dueling piano bar!) spectacular entertainment, dancing, singing and great food and drinks… whats not to love? the short drive/taxi from columbia heights is definitely well worth it for anyone looking for a unique and awesome night out.

  • How in the dell do you get there? (To this fun venue) Also is there a published docking procedure/cost? I took my boat down there and it was a desert.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun for those in the area.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. But why would they spell Laughs “Laffs”? I mean, come on… it looks really stupid to me.

  • Ummm..I think it’s a creative approach (Laffs)

  • Its part of a group of actors/writers/comedian/producers on the west coast called “Laff -Mob”. So it wasn’t them misspelling it.

  • I’ve been to Laff Mob shows… they’re awesome (regardless of how Laughs is spelled).

    I’ll be there. Also, I know they always have a ton of beautiful women at their shows

  • Has anyone ever been to the National Harbor in PG? I went to Cirque there but that is about it. I have a bet going with a couple of friends on how NH will turn out. Any reviews for the people that have made their way out there?

  • That graphic is terrifying.

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