Fantastic Leaves

DSCN1999, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This plant really stopped me in my tracks. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but the leaves are absolutely gigantic. But then if you look at the pot it is planted in, you can see the pot is tiny. My knowledge of physics does not equip me to understand how this doesn’t tip over.


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  • Maybe there are rocks in the pot (along with soil) to hold the pot in place and the elephant ears upright~

  • these are crazy trees that keep on growing. We had one in our backyard and initially kept it b/c we like the way it looked – like something from a scifi movie. Unfortunately they grow into proper trees complete with a very difficult to cut down trunk. You wouldn’t believe it by looking at it. I am fascinated that someone is choosing to grow one of these in a pot!

  • What’s more amazing is that a plant with leaves that big can have roots small enough to fit in that pot.

  • Those plants are called Elephant Ears.

  • Colocasia Esculenta

  • Go by 11th street between V and W if you want to see gigantic ones. 4-5 feet tall and really as big as elephant ears.

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