Donate Your Used Athletic Shoes

DSCN1648, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From an email:

“Run, Don’t Walk to the field at 11th and Kenyon to donate your used athletic shoes. Donations are accepted today between 5-7pm and will be used to help build new playgrounds.”

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  • your headline has a spelling error. it’s ‘athletic’ and not ‘atheletic.’

    also, what organization is accepting the shoe donations?

  • Not sure what organization is doing it, but the guy responsible for collecting the shoes lives across from Wonderland. I made a loop around the entire block before someone told me that there was a small box with a sign on the corner of 11th & Kenyon.

  • The man with the box says they’re being donated to City Sports which then gives them to Nike. Nike gives the usable ones to poor people in 3rd world countries and grinds up the bad ones to make playgrounds.

  • Very cool!

  • I was walking past the new field at Emory Rec this weekend – it is beautiful! Interestingly all the kids were playing on it without shoes. They were throwing a football around and there was a big pile of shoes off the field. Is there a reason that you can’t wear shoes on these new turf fields? It was really strange.

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