Cantina Marina – Best DC Summer Hang Out?


Cantina Marina is located at 600 Water St., SW. I hadn’t been to Cantina Marina in years. Fortunatly my friend decided to have her birthday celebration there last weekend. I absolutely forgot how awesome it is. There is something special about drinking near boats:


I highly recommend this spot. Plus it’s on the Green Line (Waterfront)!

So is there is a better spot to swill some summer drinks in DC?


Sadly there is no swimming…


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  • It’s great on a weekend afternoon or right after work, but as the evening draws near, the place fills rapidly with some of the stupidest drunks anywhere. Stick around long enough and you’re bound to see more than enough stumbling and vomiting. It’s like a little taste of Ocean City right down on the Potomac, for better or worse.

  • Sequoia is nice for waterfront drinks and they are dog friendly.

  • ahh it’s the Cougar’s Lair!!

  • I love the Cantina Marina but it definitely attracts the jerks.

    I shouldn’t say this but there’s something about a place where I can go and women still look me up and down if you know what I’m saying. I’m not reacting to the female gaze of a 50 year old bureaucrat, I’m still sitting with friends, but it’s nice to know after being treated as an “office Dad” all day that a drunken baby boomer still thinks I’m worth checking out.

    ok, that’s pitiful, but you catch my drift. it’s disneyworld- fake but kind of fun

  • Pitiful? Oh, I don’t know. It sounds rather…sweet.

  • Cantina Marina SUCKS! I used to work near there and gave it several tries, but after horrid, overpriced food and the parade of freaks that hang out there, I never went back.

  • seriously, if you want to see 50-something men with deep, leathery tans wearing white captain’s hats, boat siders, garish tommy bahama shirts, and pinky rings put the moves on thrice-divorced, falling-over-drunk 40 somethings wearing short, sparkly dresses in the middle of the afternoon, this is your scene.

    not to stereotype, but seriously, this place has to be seen to be believed. It’s awesome people watching I must say.

  • Sequoia/gtown waterfront>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cantina Marina

  • Is the Yacht Club of Bethesda still around?

  • Oh my, I want to defend the poor Cantina here but I’m having a hard time holding back my laughter at these comments. It’s the best water front view for the price in town. I will say that. I just went to Tony & Joe’s a couple of weeks ago for a couple of drinks and snacks…and boom $160 for 2 latter. Ouch!

  • I suggest bringing bug spray with you if you go in the evening, as they are pretty wicked down there on the waterfront. The food sucks as it is bar food and it’s overpriced for the crap that you end up getting.

    The staff is fairly inattentive, and yes the place fills up with drunken idiots after 9pm, but that seems to be the trend anywhere!

    However, the beer deals aren’t too bad and it’s nice to sit out on the water. I’m from an island and being in DC I really miss being by the sea and this is the closest thing you’ll get in the area that is affordable.

  • Anon 12:35 just convinced me to go! I will try it by the end of next week!!

  • In all seriousness, this place seems way more fun and chill than those fancy georgetown places.

  • If you’re looking for outdoor dining/drinking and a place that is dog friendly check out Sequoia

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