Reader Submitted Sweet City Signs (Re-PoP)


The reader writes:

“I don’t know if this qualifies as a sweet city sign, and maybe you’ve shown it before, but I just love the mural of the giant fish leaping in the air. I couldn’t fit it in the pic, but directly to the left of the lettering is the painting of the smaller fish. Not as well depicted, but endearing in its own way. The building is located on the Southwest corner of P and 14th. And then just to keep with the fish theme, I thought I’d include an international sweet city sign, from the Notting Hill area of London.”

Hell’s yes this is a sweet city sign!


Photo from London after the jump.


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  • Hahaha that orange fish in the London sign cracks me up. It’s like the geico googly eyes (hate those commercials) on a fish! And the eels… Wow… Love the lettering though.

  • Used to live a block from that fish place… on a hot day your nose would trick you into thinking you lived on a ship dock… 1 part endearing, 3 parts disgusting.

  • Oh! My home! So nice to see the exterior of my building mentioned in a positive light. 🙂

  • I used to live around the corner from this building, cool signs

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