News on Petworth Eyesore Construction by Wayan

Petworth Eyesore: July 2009, 2 Years of Ugly, Now with Barbed Wire, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

I spoke with some of the construction workers now fixing up the Petworth Eyesore, at the corner of Upshur and New Hampshire, and it seems like the new owner who bought the place in January is gonna fix it up better.

First, they’re gonna align the top addition correctly, by moving back the walls which are now hanging over the brick. Then they’re gonna add brick to the 3rd floor popup, making the whole house brick, a welcomed change from the ugly vinyl of most popups.

They’ve also cleaned out the trash behind the house and are taking out some of the more poorly planned interior work. Sadly, the barbed wire still encircles the house.

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  • Sounds like the initial don’t-know-what-the-hell-they-are-doing flippers who thought they were going to make a lot of money, did sub par and possibly not up to code work and got in trouble because they didn’t know what the hell they were doing and someone has come in and may be doing it right (or at least better, for now).

  • While, I am glad that they are doing something I am a little dissapointed the pop up is staying. I got all giddy when I saw them essentially tearing it down. I was hoping it was going bye bye forever.

  • This is very good news and I am sure the fence is there to keep out crack heads who may want to squat.

  • We’ve been here for a decade and when we first got here, this house was for sale. It stayed on the market for years with no movement. I think there were inheritance issues. I can’t believe that one day it will be bought and people will live in it, as it’s remained vacant, half renovated, worked on, built on, for years.

  • Thanks, Wayan, for escalating the barbed wire to Muriel Bowser’s office and for posting this update. I look forward to seeing what they come up with (it can’t be worse, ey?!…well, the tree growing through the roof before they started their renovations was pretty bad too…)

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