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I’m really just a sucker for banana plants. I’ve had a mini one for three years and it’s yet to produce a banana. How long does it take before they start producing fruit?

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    There are smaller ornamental dwarf varieties of Bananas (Musa) that do not flower and fruit.

    The one’s I’ve grown take 16 to 24 months in full tropical sun and rain to produce edible fruit on the end of a flowering stalk that emerges out of the center of the plant about a year after planting. After fruiting the plant is history. Suckers that form around the base are replanted.

    High energy herbaceous plants (not trees), Musa need full tropical sun during all this time to produce fruit. Difficult to provide in Northern climates for that continuous span of time.

    There are the sweet dessert Bananas and the starchier Plantains in dozens of varieties beyond the common Cavendish Banana we find at the grocery.

    Don and Katie Chafin of Going Bananas Nursery down in Homestead, Florida cultivate and market the largest collection of banana plants in the United States with some 90 varieties.

    If you or family have a second home in Florida or are truly interested in the subject:

    The Complete Book of Bananas by William O. Lessard

    Bananas You Can Grow by Glenn Stokes and James Waddick

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • RSP said in more detail what i was going to say. The growing season here is too short for fruit.

    i’ve had plants here that flowered, but the fruit never formed.

  • Would a greenhouse help?

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