Jumping on the MTV Real World DC House Bandwagon – Plus an Actual Peek Inside!


As I’ve recently become a fan of the LA Lakers, Detroit Red Wings and the Bloomingdale Neighborhood – I feel quite comfortable jumping on this bandwagon. Ed. Note: I despise the Lakers and Red Wings but really do love Bloomingdale. Anyway along with the rest of the DC blogosphere, I, too, took a visit to 20th and S Streets to check out the supposed house for MTV’s Real World DC. All signs point to this most likely being the house. There was a cop car stationed out front and some odd parking restrictions out front:


There was even a “guard” at the front door. I happened to notice that the door was open so I took a photo. And the “guard” jumped up and immediately closed the front door. Now here is the PoP exclusive:


You can see there are lights and wires – so this is def. the Real World house!

But I’m seriously confused as to why the filming of this show generates so much hostility. Granted I haven’t seen the show in 13 years but when I watched it, I always thought it was quite entertaining. I’m sure it’s bringing some good tax dollars to DC as well. I have no doubt that some of the cast may be fools. But the fools are the fun ones to watch. Many people feel they’re gonna destroy the neighborhood. So they’ll be going to some bars for a few months. I hardly think that will destroy a neighborhood.

Why does their arrival generate so much hostility? I mean really – we don’t have representation in Congress, crime is out of control, we recently experienced a tax scandal where DC lost $50 million dollars due to stupidity, our public schools are still in poor shape, etc. but some folks are going nuts about this? If only this was all we had to worry about…


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  • I’m holding out for the “Real Housewives of DC”. Sadly, I think I’m way past any MTV franchise demographic, since I well remember the year MTV went on the air.

  • I say bring ’em on!

  • I find the show entertaining since I lived in a similar situation (only about 20 more people) in London back in the 80s. We all had classes and internships, though. Real Life is just a bunch of spoiled beautiful kids with nothing to.

  • I started hating “Real World” when they started casting people who even when drunk, would never sleep with me.

  • Lame excuse for an “exclusive peek inside.” Let’s try some more accurate advertising next time, especially when everyone had this before you.

  • section 314, monkeyrotica

  • True story: I made it to the interview portion of the Real World San Francisco casting back in (jeeze, when was that? 1992?). The two producers I spoke with were awfully interested in me being from Texas and when it turned out that I had indoor plumbing, didn’t own a cowboy hat, and when asked “what do you think your experiences in Houston would bring to the show?” I answered “an intimate understanding of NASA,” they seemed utterly deflated. That was the last I heard from the bread and circuses crowd.

    Just think, if I had talked about catching armadillos in my back yard, mentioned how I liked to drive mah pickup to Gilleys ta honky-tonk, and had asked them if I could bring my matching Colt .45’s (Pancho & Lefty) to San Francisco I might be forever immortalized as the feller who punched that jackass Puck in the throat.

  • In what “real world” do 18-year-olds live in a house at 20th and S? They should have put them in Petworth or Columbia Heights.

  • Isn’t there also going to be a reality tv show about Hill interns? Ugh. Three crappy reality tv shows to bring down DC.

  • Sorry, what hostility? I don’t think I’ve encountered anything but a shrug on the subject.

    Then again, folks are probably imagining traffic snarls and other inconveniences. That’s the only reason I can imagine caring.

  • Very interesting! The building is zoned for commercial use. I would like to know what the District of Columbia government has to say about making the property into a residential use.

    The architect firm, Sorg and Associates PC, just moved out the of building. It is owned by Douglas Development (aka Douglas Jermal) and we can only guess this is the best way to collect some revenue while we wait out the ressession.

  • Thank goodness I moved to CH — I used to live on the next corner over. I don’t care at all about the show, I haven’t had cable in years, and I certainly wounld’t watch that. However, my friend lived next to the house in the NO show, and after it ended, MTV ripped their stuff out of the house and left it in shambles. Let’s jump on the bandwagon to keep that from happening to this beautiful old house here in DC.

    Also, it should be interesting to see if they get into any arguments with the scientologists or the scientology masked protestors, or if they get attacked by rats while walking up 20th street from R.

  • cupcake Says:
    June 8th, 2009 at 9:41 am
    In what

  • What’s blowing my mind about this is:
    1. There’s still a Real World
    2. People still care
    3. When people care they bring up Real World San Francisco, arguably the last Real World to matter and that’s 14 years ago!
    4. Hardly anyone posting here really watched Real World since 1994, be serious.

  • Count me in the demographic that hasn’t seen an episode of The Real World since some point in the mid-90s, but if my memory serves me, I think the only thing we can say for certain is that the jackass population of DC definitely will increase by at least 4 during the taping. And while we’re prepared for that in election years (hell, we got Rick Santorum at one point!), I’m not so sure about it in an off-year.

  • Oh, Solives, I hope the same thing doesn’t happen here. That is a gorgeous building, and I hope that MTV doesn’t wreck it after the drunken teenagers skip town (assuming the they don’t tear it apart themselves).

    It’ll be interesting to see how the zoning issues pan out, too.

  • I’m in the I-don’t-give-a-shit camp. I lived in Chicago when RW was filming there, and there was a similar hoopla about where the building was going to be and what a hassle it might be. Honestly it was over and gone before most people even realized it had started.

    AM and CH would be more authentic, but would probably disrupt the lives of residents more. The location in Dupont Circle is surrounded by businesses including restaurants so it is not likely to be much of a disruption.

  • i am not a man who watches much tv… especially trashy stuff like real world… that said, there is a certain draw to it. i will admit that i watched one episode a few years ago (Denver) and i wanted to keep watching it. i watched like the first half of the season before losing interest. it sucks you in. i will probably tune in to this… if not just to see how DC is portrayed. also, there are hot chicks.

  • I hope the people who think this will blow over and have no significant impact on the neighborhood are right, but I tend to be in the camp of people who think this is going to make life in the area a real pain for the months they are filming, and I’m not happy about it.

    For one thing, the percentage of loud, obnoxious jackasses in the area is likely to increase substantially while the RW is filming, especially on weekends when the drunk kids are heading back to the Dupont metro station at 3 AM.

    And then there’s parking, which is already hard to come by around 20th and S. Seeing as the DC gov apparently thought nothing of blocking twelve public parking spaces and reserving them for the RW, parking is already an issue and the RW hasn’t even started filming yet!

  • this looks like a very good location centrally located between dupont, georgetown and adams morgan. personally i think it’s great that dc is finally getting the real world, any publicity that shows us as more than a stodgy town of hill rats is good IMO.

  • I agree with anon 10:35. There needs to be a Real Jackass World, where the residents endure nutsack wompings, liquid humiliation, and unnecessary surgery for our amusement.

  • Given what I’m seeing on various blogs, I think there’s going to continue to be a pretty clear line between those who think this is a good idea or non-issue (aka people who don’t live in the same neighborhood as the house) and those who are firmly opposed and hostile (aka those whose lives are likely to be disrupted in some why due to the house because they live close by). Being in the latter group, I can assure you, I see nothing great about this. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a major pain in the *** for those of us who live in the neighborhood.

  • oh whaaa whaaa real world is going to be near meeeee!!! i really hope you can get through this difficult time!!!

  • Royal Palace! (Bar, Food, & Fun)

  • @ TonyS, lol seriously. I mean, annoyed in dupont, I could probably muster some sympathy in the RW was locating near you up in some quiet corner of Brightwood, but by living in Dupont, I think you signed up to be near a large number of drunken jackasses.

  • Real World Vegas was awesome!

  • people who live in dense urban neighborhoods and complain about things like this bewilder me. there are hundreds of thousands of wonderful acres of single family, suburban houses out there – from brookland to mclean. why not move? and parking? is this not 3 blocks from a metro station?

    reminds me of all the idiots that bought condos in the new PN Hoffman building between Champlain and 18th and immediately started agitating to shut down bars and restaurants. Seriously? Were you not aware that Adams Morgan is full of bars and restaurants?

  • Anon 12:08: would be better if one of characters ended up stripping there post-rw.

  • It will be gone before people even notice they were here.

    I don’t see how people can seriously think that Dupont will somehow turn more congested just because of a show taping. It’s already a blody mess.

  • Eric- I couldn’t agree with you more. My wife and I bought in DC because we wanted to live in DC, closer to work, restaurants, museums, etc. We could have gotten more (property, square footage, better schools) and less (crime, corner boys, etc) in the suburbs, but the excitement is what we enjoy. MTV had the Jersey beach house not far from where I grew up and it was much more hype than anything else. They chose the location for what was already there, booze, bathing suits, etc. I’d imagine the biggest inconvenience will be camera crews at some local bars/clubs, not much else.

    That said, I think RW is absurd and just perpetuates the “Friends” myth, which is that every 20 something should live in a gorgeous home, drive a nice car, wear designer clothes, all while sitting around on their butt all day. Unfortunately that describes many of my neighbors up in North Country who drive Navigators, Escalades and BMW, watch mammoth screened TVs, but don’t seem to have jobs. I bet these folks will fit right in.

  • I live in the north Dupont area too and I see where “annoyed in Dupont” is coming from. Yeah, so I choose to live where I live, and in general I have to accept a certain level of urban noise. But the extra level of drunken obnoxiousness this stupid-ass show is probably going to bring to the neighborhood is another matter entirely – 20th St isn’t 18th St.

  • how can 12 more people make this much of a difference? odds are all yalls working asses will be in bed when they’re up and at work when they’re sleeping.

    dance party eric from the first season in nyc! that will be seen as the kick off of the reality tv phenomenon.

  • It’s hard to take complaints of jackassery too seriously when we live in a city where the median age is 30 and the average resident owns 2.5 iPods, 6 pairs of flip flops, 3 ironic fedoras, and 1.25 Mini Coopers. I personally moved here just so I could constantly complain about you kids. Now git offa my lawn!

    BTW, this isn’t the only teevee program coming to the DC metro area. Producers are busy putting the final touches on a former Chuck E Cheese buidling near Reston for the eagerly awaited new VH1 series “The Really Real World” – putting together a half-dozen people in their late thirties who have just been released from prison (hey Senator!), recently lost everything in a divorce, just come off a 20 year cocaine jag, are unemployed lobbyists for the domestic car industry, or have been playing FPS video games in their parent’s basement since 1998.

    “Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start having their mid-life crisis.”

    Talk about compelling programming.

  • Geez, I’m already getting sick of all the negative publicity and attitudes I’m seeing on these local blogs regarding the slew of reality shows being filmed here. No wonder DC is always the last big city to get any respect when it comes to entertainment, nightlife, restaurants, or “cool factor.” We write things off as being bad or unwanted before we even give them a chance! I guarantee you that having eight more people living in a house in Dupont for a few months will not affect your quality of life or otherwise boring lives. The show has the potential to highlight some of DC’s greatest assets, and will hopefully show the nation that the city has more to offer than politics, monuments, and museums. Please people, get over yourselves and find something else to whine about.

  • considering the show is totally fake and scripted etc it probably won’t really affect any of our lives at all… and, considering, whenever i watch the show their ALWAYS in the house, it seems like kind of a prison for the overly tan.
    i still don’t believe it b/c i’ve heard rumors of a dc real world forEVER… lol. but maybe it will really happen. and it probably won’t affect any of us at all, and when they play it on tv we’ll all be like – “that’s nothing like my life in dc” — b/c again it’ll all be scripted, planned, edited and all in the house! …

    they should really just do “real world: SOUNDSTAGE F” …

    i honestly stopped watching this show once it became clear that the producers seek out racists and homophobes.

  • “The show has the potential to highlight some of DC

  • my best friend lives in brooklyn right near where they just filmed the last real world season that aired and i was visiting her while it was filming and i saw how much of a nightmare it can cause for a neighborhood….while we tried to quietly go out and grab some dinner and a drink to catch up…everywhere we went there were tons of loud crazy drunk people trying to look for the real world cast so they can get their 15 minutes of fame on tv ….also everywhere we went in her neighborhood we had to sign waviers before we entered that basically signed our life and likeness away to mtv for free use in case the cast showed up at the place and they filmed there because mtv notifies several places a night of where the cast might be going( my friend wouldn’t even sign one because she knows how crazy these waviers are and she works in film/tv production and the industry…the recent casts have been known to be cast for their anger issues esp when they’re drunk and they tend to pick fights with the locals…i also know i would be kinda annoyed if mtv basically blocked me from going into my favorite bar in georgetown for three months….

    i also had the opportunity to meet two cast members for former seasons one night randomly and they talked about the property damage the cast and crew did to the house and surrounding areas and basically bunim/murray did nothing to compensate the private owners of the other properties ( both land and cars)…

    i love living in dc but between filming the real world and real housewives here its going to make it hell to live here with all the waviers and im sure exceptions fenty will make for the casts and crews

    good news about real world…they only film for three months

  • For a town that has “no interest” in The Real World…there sure is a lot of ink these last few days being devoted to it!

  • In what

  • what exactly are those photos showing us reallyanonworld? a vacant house? looks about like any vacant property.

    and nycgirlindc you think they’re going to “make it hell to live here”? and you were going out someplace “quiet” that made you sign waivers so the real world cast could make your life hell? what quiet places were you forced out of by the wild antics of the real world cast?

    if you are the kind of person who likes to tear it up on 18th street i’m sure the real world crew will make your life “hell” by making you sign waivers before entering the tom tom lounge or whatever shitty bar they choose to hang out in. the rest of us will be chilling in the saloon or saint ex or vinoteca or gibson or local 16 or domku or proof or whatever other of the hundreds and hundreds of places that will be completely unaffected by this.

    i’ve watched the real world several times in the recent past and the cast invariably infests ridiculous dive bars / cheesy clubs that are already exactly as cheesy or divey before the cast arrives. it’s not like they’re going to throw Cityzen’s chairs into the Mandarin’s pool or set Komi on fire.

    personally i think it would be interesting and probably hilarious to observe how staged and ridiculous the filming of this show is. and i will never understand the mindset of people the complain before the fact about things like this.

  • memo to eric in ledroit, who spewed “the rest of us will be chilling in the saloon or saint ex or vinoteca or gibson or local 16 or domku or proof or whatever other of the hundreds and hundreds of places that will be completely unaffected by this.”:

    Joke’s on you, friend. Saint-Ex is listed at http://vevmo.com/f56/the-real-world-washington-d-c-2982/index23.html as a probable location for the show. Enjoy your evening there with bright lights, obnoxious wannabes and staged drama.

    Oh, but I forgot. Saint-Ex will be completely unaffected by this.

  • Saint-Ex can’t possibly be made any worse by MTV. If anything, publicity on MTV will attract even more victims to it like a giant roach motel for fratboys. Once inside the vile fare prepared by the singularly unpleasant staff will kill them dead.


  • After looking at the pictures on Picasaweb all I could think of was what was done to the inside of that lovely house. What a shame.

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