I “Found” Logan’s Tomb in Petworth


I’ve mentioned the Old Soldier’s Home Cemetery before but somehow I missed Logan’s Tomb. Since there are many fans of the statue in Logan Circle, I thought I’d give the address of the tomb – it’s on Harewood between Rock Creek Church Rd. and North Capitol in Petworth.


I actually was initially moved by how many Unknown Soldier tombstones I saw:


There were dozens of them. It really is a moving sight. Since the economy got so screwed up I feel like the sacrifices that are being made by our troops overseas have fallen a bit off the radar. I think it’s important that we continue to remember what’s going on.


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  • These posts may not garner many comments, but they are poignant, well received, and do resonate with some of us similarly moved who pause to reflect on how truly fortunate we are.

    Do kindly continue with them our Prince.

    Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi

  • I think you can take the quotes off from around the word found on this title; I think few knew of this one!

  • Very nice sentiment PoP. I think of these guys everytime I go by the cemetary, which is a lot.

    Technicality, but isn’t the cemetary really in Brookland?

    Also – has anyone found Upton Sinclar in Rock Creek Church Cemetary? The Wikipedia page for the cemetary has photo of the marker and a general area, but that general area is HUGE!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Steve, It’s on the west side of North Cap. so that makes it Petworth!

  • Some of us have a hard time forgetting about the guys overseas – we went to church with a family who finally got to go home after 84 surgeries and two and a half years of living with their two year old (now four year old) in a motel room near Walter Reed. You can check out their story at http://www.homesforourtroops.org/site/PageServer?pagename=TravisWood.

    And my younger brother goes to Afghanistan in December. Last time he went to Kuwait, and my youngest brother was sent over to Iraq a month before he came home, so it was three years of feeling sick every time I looked at a newspaper headline about an attack on American soldiers. Maybe I’ll lose twenty pounds again…

    Let the fun begin again.

  • The neighborhood “boundaries”, ward lines, police district and voting precints are so goofy. I know the residents of the AFRH vote with me over in Brookland. Thought that mean they were in Ward 5, which does not include Petworth, but does it? AHHHHH!!!!! So confusing.

  • Who’s who in Rock Creeek Cemetery goes with Gilbert Grosvenor who publshed National Geographic, Matthew Gault Emery, who was a Governor of DC lived at what is now Emery Heights Park, the wife of Henry Adams with a haunting statue of Grief, and countless others with the Colonial era St Paul’s Church.

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