House of the Day

DSCN0253, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Sorry it’s half cut off but you can get the sense of the coolness here. Set back from the sidewalk with a nice little front yard.

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  • It is so fun living in a small house! I think that when you have a lot of outdoor space, you just don’t need as much indoor space. However, this is being written by someone who rarely has parties for 100 people at once — could be like a sardine can in a small house.

    The only design that seems to work for these small houses is to put the back door into the dining room. I am so fed up with 8 people trying to crowd into a tiny kitchen (my kitchen is the passageway between dining room and backyard at this point). Didn’t they ever sail??? Geez

  • Is this the O house or something to that effect on P St? I love this house and it sold last year I think for a lot of $$…

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