DC Voting Rights Bill on Hold


City Paper has the scoop:

“The decision to hold off on current legislation due to the threat of gun-related amendments follows a conference call on Sunday with various advocates and local politicos. A compromise gun legislation proposed by the office of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was reviewed.

The consensus was not to move forward with the compromise.

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  • Not at all unpredictable. The real villains are the Dems who kowtowed to the NRA.

  • Is there such thing as a full smoke?

  • What a shame… many of us wanted both our gun rights AND voting rights. Now it seems like we’ll get neither.

  • Jesus of Nazareth, how hypocritical can people be? DC residents deserve more rights! But only the ones that fit our agenda, not all those pesky rights that the Constitution gives them! let’s just scrap civil liberties altogether, that sounds like a plan!

  • yes rd!

  • This “voting rights” bill was never what it claimed. All it did was provide Norton with rights to vote in the House, while also giving the GOP an extra vote by increasing the Congressional delegation for that state. That was not full voting rights, and frankly Norton should never have supported it. Either we have full representation in the Congress – in both the House and Senate – or we keep the status quo.

    As for the demand to remove all restrictions on gun ownership in the District – demanded by the same GOP members who won’t even live in DC while Congress is in session (they invariably go across the river to the Confederacy at night) – my issue with it is that it is a violation of Home Rule. We elected the Council, we get to determine if they are legislating correctly, we get to vote them out. Congress has no right to veto us in this fashion. Quite frankly, gun laws in this country will never work until they are applied consistently. As long as any wackjob can go to a gun show and get enough weaponry to arm a small country, local laws are useless.

  • Sorry, the state that was supposed to get an increase in their Congressional delegation is Utah.

  • Ah, the irony. We won’t give you voting rights, DC’ers, unless you allow us to manage local legislation for you.
    Thanks guys. Thanks.

  • 2b3s,

    Could it be that (gosh) some Democrats are not kowtowing to the NRA and actually support our rights under the 2nd amendment?

    The “blame the NRA” strawman is dead. Look at the numbers in congress, look at the polls. The issue divides Dems NOT because of the NRA.

  • Where is that photo from? Any idea where i can get on of those prints/posters?

  • I’m more interestest in Bubba Gohmert’s legislation to do away with federal taxes than giving Gale a better job – like getting a voting rep will make a single solitary difference for anyone in DC.


    As long as we’re talking pie-in-the-sky, i prefer my pie to be zero taxes rather than another useless elected official.

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