Capturing Bathroom Graffiti


In discussing the Raven renovation a reader commented that they hope the bathroom graffiti would be preserved. So when I went to Wonderland I thought I’d see if any of their bathroom graffiti was interesting. Sure enough this one jumps right out at you. It gave me a good chuckle.

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  • What would be really great is the catch the little douche with the pen in hand and crack his fucking skull..We now return you to “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen

  • UDC Law, Building 38, 3rd Floor Men’s Room. One tag – “Steal from your job today”

  • PoP has stumbed upon on the mecca of graffiti.

    I am amazed there is a paperback book on bathroom “art”…Bathroom Graffiti. Pop should have a new section titled, “Writings on the Stall.”

    I like to see Art-o-matic showcase the artists that create graffiti art and promote ways to in a positive manner instead of on public and private venues.

  • Big Bear Cafe attracts some of the most creative water closet versifiers.

  • Does anyone know of a graffiti artist by the name of “CoolDiscoDan” is he alive?

  • I can’t beleive this guy is still alive. Most guys from his era are in jail or dead. He is from the 80 innercity dc.
    Thanks Anonymous Says.

  • My favorite was from the Red Lion in Lawrence KS- “No matter how pretty she is, somebody somewhere is sick of her shit.”

    They renovated the bathroom, painted over all the graffiti- but a framed version of the comment showed up a few days later. Still hangs there today.

  • In the bathroom at the Coop in Cambridge, MA – “Whatcha doin, poopin?”

  • The 43 is real. It is real, and it is wonderful…

  • My favorite was from a bathroom in Iowa City: “A health crab can jump up to five feet”. Something to think out.

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