Shooting in Bloomingdale and Folks Want To Shut Down The Farmer’s Market!

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Insanity on both fronts. A reader sends in word about the shooting at 1st and Florida, NW:

“Someone was shot in the ankle at 9:45 in the children’s park; in a display of good faith the mayors office was there by 10:30. No one was hurt seriously (because the cops said he would be ok) but it is awful that this happened when children and families were at the park enjoying themselves.

Also, a petition is out there to stop the Bloomingdale farmers market and there is a rebuttal petition of appreciation at Big Bear for the community to sign. Please, hope the community doesn’t ban the farmers market because it make the neighborhood feel more inclusive!!”

A very rough week here in DC. And why on earth would anyone want to shut down the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market?


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  • Ditto on not closing down ANY farmers market… it’s one of the most neighborly things in the DC area. If anything, we need more of them.

  • I take it from reading the above that the shooting is not necessarily what led to the desire to close the farmer’s market, rather the two happened to coincide in time.

    What/who is behind the push to close it by petition? What are their reasons? Any ideas from those that have seen the petition?

  • Bummer. This is a really nice market with a decent variety of vendors, and it last only a few hours on Sunday. I think that someone tried to close it before because they couln’t park in front of their houses on Sunday mornings. Same issue?

  • I haven’t been to the Bloomingdale farmers market yet, but I can’t imagine why anybody would want to shut it down. Isn’t the idea to make all communities more inclusive? We don’t want a city of Georgetowns…

  • people don’t like having to give up parking, and there is an undertone of anti-gentrification as well

  • Probably won’t need to shut it down by petition. Fear of being shot is a good deterrent to shoppers.

  • The shooting is a shame.

    And I second the vote for anti-gentrification undertones wrt to the Farmer’s Market. I know it’s an unpleasant notion for many to consider, but there are plenty of people who simply aren’t interested in “inclusive” neighborhoods. They liked it the way it used to be and don’t appreciate having to change up the ways they’ve known to “include” new arrivals.

  • This happened at 9:45AM?

    Last night at about 9:45, I was walking my dog about 2 blocks from here when the 2 or 3 shots were fired. About 10 seconds after the shots, a kid went whizzing the wrong way down Q street on a mini-bike. Not sure they are linked, but there you are.

  • Oh, and if they do try to close the market, we should just open a stall to sell crack. I read somewhere else on this blog that it is really hard to shut down drug locations.

  • I haven’t seen a petition to shut down the farmers’ market. Have you seen it, PoP? To my knowledge the residents opposed to the market are few and their complaints stem from the lack of parking in front of their homes during market hours.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Pesky fresh vegetables! On that little strip of R st nw, I think only a handful of houses have to contend with not being able to park in front of their house bc of the parking restrictions that run until 12 noon for the Sunday farmer’s market. The rest of the parking is alongside the Big Bear Cafe and the triangular Park that borders it.

    There must be some small issues that escalated to drive an anti-farmer’s market petition, i.e. parking, trash, live music, time to disassemble. Hopefully the dissenters and the market’s organizers can come to a compromise, one that is not so extreme as to completely shut down a thriving community asset.

  • Yes, the premise against the market is anger over parking issues, but the underlying motivation seems to be really anger about change in the community and a desire to piss on the people who go to the Farmer’s Market. Someone even offered to give the objecting party a parking spot on Sundays to appease him/her, and the objecting party refused, which said to me that this person hates change, is miserable, and wants us all to be miserable.

    If the Bloomingdale FM gets closed down I will be crushed and it will probably make me want to move out of Bloomingdale out of frustration (e.g., getting the message that I am not welcome and will never be welcome and things will never change, etc.), which I guess is the point.

  • So I’m moving to Bloomingdale next week and was super excited about the farmer’s market. Now it looks like all I have to look forward to being a prisoner in my own home because everyone’s out shooting each other. Great! This seemed like such a decent neighborhood all the times I went to visit with my realtor for various things. What happened in the month between me signing a contract and closing??

  • New to Bloomingdale: Nothing changed. You just didn’t do your research. There is a neighborhood newsletter, several blogs, and 501 police reports available that show this is on par. It’s also the beginning of summer meaning things will be a little exciting for a while. Last year at R and N cap, there was a shooting, and there tends to be dealing on the corner between the park and liquor store.

    Get out, meet your neighbors, you’ll quickly learn the problem areas and small things you can do to make yourself ‘feel’ safer. The only one making yourself a prisoner in your house is yourself.

  • New to Bloomingdale: Nothing happened in the month, its just that when you went there before, you were with your realtor, and realtors have a special device that emits anti-crime, anti-trash and anti-passed-out-drunk-dude sonic waves that permeate everything within a three block radius while they’re showing houses. I swear it must be true.

    But seriously. Sad about the shooting- what a horrible thing for kids to experience. And sad about the undertones of the market petition. I know it’s a long shot, but hopefully some neighborly compromises can be made that leave both sides feeling okay.

  • If the farmer’s market gets shut down over parking issues, I’m going after the churches.

  • @WDC: I will join you.

  • wdc, i was just about to bring church parking up…hypocrisy, anyone?

  • “What happened in the month between me signing a contract and closing??”

    Winter ended.

  • New to Bloomingdale: My husband and I recently moved to the neighborhood, and we LOVE it! We lived on Capitol Hill for a long time, but when making the move to buy, Bloomingdale presented more options. Yes, it’s somewhat transitional, but by and large, it is a great community with great people. Residents are (for the most part) outgoing, friendly, and committed to bringing positive change to the neighborhood…there’s an active civic group, a great listserv, and an active ANC commissioner. There are some “problem” areas (i.e. the drugs outside of Sunset Liquors, just across from the farmers market location) and there is public housing adjacent to the neighborhood, but, as stated earlier, walk around, get to know your neighbors, etc. You don’t have to be a prisoner of any kind…just aware of your surroundings, which I would suggest in ANY city neighborhood.


  • Does anyone know where I can find the link for the petition to save the farmers market?

  • I’m kinda surprised anyone would buy or even rent in an unknown-to-them neighborhood without checking it out at night on a weekend.

  • Is anyone willing to go and park their cars on Sunday in a block where the churches double park? I am game if others are up for it.

  • There must be some small issues that escalated to drive an anti-farmer’s market petition, i.e. parking, trash, live music, time to disassemble.

    Nope. There haven’t been any complaints. @FH at 1:00 p.m. has it right, and for reasons FH mentions, I find the idea of an anti–farmers’ market petition unlikely. Has anyone seen this petition to stop the Bloomingdale farmers’ market?

    Does anyone know where I can find the link for the petition to save the farmers market?

    There is a petition of appreciation that can be signed at the Big Bear Cafe. It is not a petition to save the farmers’ market — a crucial difference. When it was made available at the Sunday farmers’ market it was described as a pre-emptive effort. I think it’s possibly being misinterpreted.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Kriston I followed up with the reader who said:

    “I did not see the actual petition. I was talking to a man outside of Big Bear who told me about it and I went in and signed the petition in favor of the farmer’s market.”

  • How did the farmer’s market become the hot item on this post? THERE WAS A SHOOTING IN A KID’S PARK! Now had it been a dog park, I’m sure there would have been more uproar from PoP readers.

  • The shooting was the weirdest thing because it just caused more people to come out and mill around. People were sitting outside at Big Bear watching the goings on. The problem with the park is the drug dealers who do hang out in it; I would put money on this being a drug related shootings.
    And this crime is nothing new, I don’t even see much escalation in the immediate area since the end of winter. It was bad in January when I came outside of my house to see my neighbor standing at my car with a coat hanger trying to jimmy the lock. Or the hundreds of drug deals I have seen since I moved to the Shaw/Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale area.

  • There’s a reason Jim Graham and many others will always preface [or immediately follow up on] a shooting report with mention of whether the ‘victim’ was targeted/involved/known to the shooter or a bystander. I think it’s a crock of sh*t personally, but it makes some folks feel better if it’s targeted.

  • Bonifa you are so right , a dog’s shooting would crash this site.

  • I wouldn’t worry, shootings below the knee tend to be accidental discharges – you know, kids just playing around.

  • Crewley- why are people shooting at kids in the first place? It’s appalling. What more else is there to say? The “old timers” in the community are the ones who don’t give a shit. They like the murders juuuust the way they are.

  • ontarioroader: at night and on the weekends much of bloomingdale is very tranquil. the shooting was obviously not part of a mugging, so likely wouldn’t affect the concerned new buyer. when i was looking to buy back in 2002 I took a hike around my neighborhood in the evening and was amazed at how many people greeted me on the street or from their stoops, something I had never experienced living in sterile suburban areas.

  • bonifa, give it a break. what more are we supposed to say about all the shootings? i mean seriously, what can you do? no one on prince of petworth is going around shooting people in their ankles. i think we have expressed our collective anger at the willingness to use violence amongst a small subset of the young men around here. i think it’s pretty reasonable that there is more handwringing about possibly losing our farmers market than there is yet another outpouring of shock that someone got shot by a kid buzzing around on an illegal minibike.

  • Looks like that was 1 of 2 shootings in Bloomingdale today. DCist and the Post are reporting that another shooting, this time of 4 people, took place about 1 block away on R and N Cap.

  • I heard from a local shop owner that the 9:35am shooting at 1st and Florida happened today, not Sunday am.

  • Nothing happened in the month, its just that when you went there before, you were with your realtor, and realtors have a special device that emits anti-crime, anti-trash and anti-passed-out-drunk-dude sonic waves that permeate everything within a three block radius while they’re showing houses. I swear it must be true.

    I think New to Bloomingdale might be my client and I happen to live here and hooked them up with the listserv well before closing.

    Unfortunately, there seems to have been a recent escalation in crime all over the city.

  • @New to Bloomingdale-

    I’ll be leaving north Petworth to move to my new home in Bloomingdale in a few weeks. There have many been shootings, brothels, dog attacks, deaths, drug deals, car thefts, and break-ins on my small Petwork block in the past two years. However, I walk outside every morning and am greeted by Mr. Jean and Moses, who fill me in on the neighborhood gossip and help me put out the trash. Mr. Jean mows my lawn when I’m not home to object, warns me of any “alley-lurkers”, gives me Christmas cards, laughs at my hyper 20-something “rushings along”, and makes me feel like I live next door to my Dad. In the midst of this hellish neighborhood, there are people who have lived here forever and love it, and urge you to love it with them. This can happen in any neighborhood. Take a minute and be happy about your new neighborhood- Instead of just young white people who hustle and bustle to and from work and the gym, you will have the pleasure of meeting people who really know Bloomingdale. And if you give them a chance, they will be more than happy to enlighten you and help you settle in. It may come with some tension, be it racial or other, but such is life.

    What ruins “transitional” neighborhoods are the people who move in with the wrong attitude and expectations. Have respect, be rational and patient, and be street smart, and show the neighborhood people that you’re only there to join in, not to erase what they’ve built for decades.

  • no, what ruins “transitional” neighborhoods is the fucking criminals.

  • eric in [email protected]:34 – Tragic, but accurate response. Shooting after shooting eventually numbs the outrage and unfortunately refocuses law-abiding people on things they have the power to save or change.

  • Contrary to popular belief, I did do my research on Bloomingdale and other ‘hoods I was looking in. I walked around sans realtor at night and weekends a few times. I’m not that naive. In an effort to not clog up my inbox, however, I did not join any listservs until after I made an offer. If by not wanting 50,000 listserv emails in my inbox for the 2 months before I made an offer qualifies as not doing my research, well then I suppose that’s my bad.

  • saf

    LNic – you are perfectly dead-on right.

  • First it’s the farmer’s market, next they’ll go after big bear, then it’ll be timor bodega, then it will be the next person who wants to make an honest living for themselves while simultaneously occupying a boarded up storefront that had been vacant for ten (or more) years and improving life in the community. This same sh** is happening in Shaw. People actually tried to sue a new coffee shop in Shaw a few years back because the owner had too many tables and chairs. Vegetate almost went out of business because Shiloh Baptist Church made shutting it a top ‘civic priority.’ hypocrites.

    Newsflash, old timers: Times are changing. If your community can’t get a hold on violent crime, the city can respond in one of two ways. They can throw police, money, and other scarce resources at the problem to try and stop it, or they can encourage new people to move in. Guess which one works.

  • PS – Don’t throw a race card at me. both owners of the above-mentioned stores are black.

  • Please remember that inclusive works both ways– if you’ll notice, neither the Farmers’ Market, Big Bear, nor Timor Bodega are frequented by large portions of multiple community demographics– they are almost exclusively visited by young, white professionals. It is not up to the “old timers” who have enjoyed Bloomingdale for years to “make room” for the white urban pioneers/ self-proclaimed saviors of the neighborhood.

    Stop calling it a transitional neighborhood. Stop calling it up and coming. Stop calling every black person you see on a corner a drug dealer and/or murderer. Stop feeling like you are held “prisoner” by the people who have enjoyed this community freely. And if you can’t–please go enjoy Dupont Circle.

  • There are shootings all over DC. I moved to Bloomingdale over a year ago and love it – the people are fantastic and I have not once regretted it, even when I came home last night to yellow tape. Let’s not forget the shootings and muggings in Adams Morgan, G-town, and Foxhall. It is a city-wide problem. I, too, did my homework before moving – including speaking with cops. This is a city and there is going to be crime, especially when schools are out. So be a community (which most of you are) instead of attacking each other and fearing the neighborhood. Also, these shootings will help to bring patrol cars out, making it safer than before.

    Also, they have been trying to shut down the farmers’ market in Bloomingdale ever since it started. Just keep signing those petitions to keep it open and keep frequenting the market. It is a small block that is shut down for a few hours – the parking spots that are taken are negligible.

  • You are a case in point, ebonygal. You’re right, it isn’t up to the old timers in Bloomingdale to make room for the urban pioneers, the city is doing a fine job of that. What I’m saying to you is as follows, if you can’t police your community, the city is going to take steps to gentrify. Whether that comes in the form of a SBA grant to a small business, or shuttering a crime-ridden high school to sell to a developer, it happens because people are getting killed and nobody is paying taxes.

    In shaw, all of those white urban pioneers you deride (heaven forbid I refer to your ‘ebony’ tone when describing you and your living arrangement) don’t think for a second about supporting black owned business. I eagerly look forward to any entrepreneur, black yellow or purple, who is going to come into my neighborhood and convert a crack house into an art gallery, or a nonprofit, or a community center, or a friggin ice cream store. If you get priced out as a result, tough sh**. Crime doesn’t solve itself. This isn’t a race thing, sister, its business.

    Inclusive does work both ways; this is the 21st century and you live in a major metropolitan area on the east coast. Get over it. Big Bear doesn’t have a sign on it that says “Whites Only.” I can tell you this, however: It sure as hell does not want to drop 10 grand to replace a cappucino machine that was destroyed by the stray bullet of some smack slinging gangbangnger with one foot in the grave.

    I’m off to eat lunch at sticky rice on H street. five years ago, I would have been shot or raped for walking down that block. Today, a woman visiting a restaurant in NE is about to contribute to the city’s tax base. You’re welcome.

  • ‘You’re welcome.’

    priceless 🙂

  • We moved to Bloomingdale about 9 months ago. No regrets.
    The listserv we read is currently plagued with accusations of racism as well. If there was any measure of intelligence to these comments it might not be so sad. You cant teach someone to be smarter. If we werent completely color blind why in the world would we move here as a mixed couple? We are Asian/Indian/Caucasian the works but look for all intense purposes white. I cant believe that anyone with a brain in their head would think that a racist person would choose to live in Bloomingdale. That someone in this economy would have the time or the ambition let alone the sheer courage to deem themselves a white superhero on the streets here and play “savior” as the other poster said. No thanks. That is idiotic. We moved here because we love the neighborhood, dont care whether our neighbors are black or white and have no plans to move. We are not here to become soldiers against the history of this part of town, take away from someone or singlehandedly change the drug trade happening RIGHT in back of our house. We are eyes and ears wide open all the time to do our part in what IS a neighborhood in transition. If it were not in transition it would be the same as a person described yesterday on another listser- a virtual war zone 25 years ago. We were told straight to our face we werent welcome here because we werent black and that was by next door neighbors. We offered to take them in when their place as robbed a month later. We say hello to everyone, we help out, we clean up the litter, and we teach our kid to do the same. We arent leaving.
    And honestly anyone who has a problem with new people in the neighborhood standing up for themselves, their personal property, their child’s safety, and taking part in cleaning up these streets by utilizing the the three most used numbers in my phone right now can take a hike as far as I am concerned. I have no sympathy for people here who would rather keep things as they are. 16 and 17 year olds were SHOT yesterday two blocks from my house. People are held up at gunpoint on a regular basis a block down from us. I walked my giant dog late last night to see three young and yes black men staring me down from the corner at 3am. I asked them if they were ok. They laughed at me. Tell me we are racists and I will hold up a mirror so you can say it again.

  • It’s interesting when the blacks get upset with more whites moving in, as if it’s “their” neighborhood now and forever. I just think: “now you know how my white ancestors felt when they got squeezed out of ‘your’ neighborhood 60, 80, 100 years ago!” That’s life, hon!

  • What pains me most from reading this listserv is the blatant (described as undertone) references to black or white people as racist in Bloomingdale. Yes I know it exist, but why? A child is not born a racist so it must be a learned state of mind\characteristic of ones life experiences. Let’s not allow whatever life experiences we’ve had destroy our experiences going forward when we encounter new people, locations, or opportunities. Be open to change, it’s not easy and it never is, but if your heart is good, then you, me, and us all will be ok living in Bloomingdale.

  • maybe white people will listen to another white dude:

  • “maybe white people will listen to another white dude:”

    Give me a break. This city has always had black mayors. The city council is predominantly black. The police for is predominantly black. The city’s population is predominantly black, and it has been that way for decades. The laws for opening a business in this city are skewed toward black-owned real estate and financing arrangements.

    African Americans are “The Man” in this city. Many don’t want to give up that status (including “Harry ‘Tommy’ Thomas Junior”), so they’re whining like the bunch of racists that they are.

  • Police “force” is predominantly black.

    PS: The suburbs are full of wealthy blacks who commute here to earn their big paychecks and then get the hell out as fast as they can each day. And they laugh or shake their heads at those of us who live in the city; black AND white.

  • I am hoping that the crime increase will affect prices downwards, I am trying to move to bloomingdale but the prices are so high, what can I do.

  • Just rent “Hotel Rwanda” and watch it; even if you’ve already seen it. It will tell you a lot about racism and violence in Africa in the late 20th century, and it has nothing to do with white people.

  • Anonymous
    the movies are not real life, can a white person like me move to bloomingdale with my black wife?

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