Good Deal or Not? Finally on the Market Edition


These condos are located at 3640 New Hampshire Avenue:

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The flier says:

“This is a fantastic top floor unit, 1 block from the metro and the redevelopment of Park Place. Being above the fray is wonderful and you will enjoy not only the view, the peace, but also all those lovely embellishments from recessed lighting, tub with jets, custom tile work, granite and stainless, as well as architectural details. The Woodrow is a lovely place to call home. & Furniture conveys”

More info but sadly no photos found here. I know I said I would try not to post homes without any photos but I think this is a worthy exception because its construction had been delayed for so long.

We looked at the carriage house unit of this condo back in March. Lots of folks were curious about the building in the front. I think it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the price given the size and the location. Since the carriage house was a very nice renovation I assume this unit looks equally nice. Do you think $369,000 is reasonable for a 2 bed 2 bath on the top floor?

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  • I think it’s extremely reasonable.

  • Ditto on that SG…

  • great deal.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Superb deal! Probably one of the finest condominiums on the market in Tivoli North right now!

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    WOW that’s such a great deal!!!! i’d dare say, practically a steal!

  • 5 responses and noone has replied with “you can get a whole house for that much.” impressive. i will say that if you are going to buy an apartment in a converted rowhome, being on the top floor is the way to go.

    lets see some inside pics. what an incompetent boob the Realtor is, throwing a renovated house on the market without pics.

  • top floor is the way to go unless the person beneath you is a smoker. I’d check the condo docs to make sure the whole place is ns.

  • Good deal, and soon to be very close to a new CVS, the new Colorado Kitchen, a revamped Raymond Recreation Center, and, well we hope, a new Safeway. And that’s in addition to the metro. And then there’s whatever Donatelli gets for the east side of the 3900 block of Georgia. Oh, and the Great Streets construction starts soon…

  • Seems reasonable but I don’t know if I can say good deal without seeing the pictures / flooplan. What if one of the bedrooms is really tiny, thus making this more accurately classified as a 1br + den? This price would be a little high, IMO, if that were the case.

  • if it’s 900 sq ft, it does sound like one of the bedrooms could be on the small side. it’s also dropped down from $389k which definitely was overpriced. would need photos though to know for sure if it’s a good deal.

  • Not a good deal. The top floor unit does not have enough ceiling heights to be code compliant. That whole complex is a mess. The rear entry takes you right into the bedrooms in some units. It’s too bad. The house before the remuddling was awesome with tons of unique original details. Most of it ended up in the dumpster.

  • I visited — I noticed Anon 8:35 said the floor plan is complex, and would have to agree. There are a lot of bathrooms! And otherwise smallish rooms. Other than quibbling about a few small flaws, though, it looks to be quite liveable if not an architectural masterpiece as it’s now configured.

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