Capturing Absurd City Signs


Well this one has me stumped. As one originally from New York, when I think of New York foods I think of Pizza and bagels. And potato knishes. Mmmm, potato knishes… But I gotta say, I have no idea what a New York Salad bar is. Any ideas?

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  • saf

    Dude. You were downstairs?

    Anyhow, a New York Salad bar is a dumb term for one of those hot food/cold food bars there you can get everything by the pound. Usually run by Koreans, at least here.

    And if you want knish, you should have gone over to Cafe Mozart. Delicious.

  • Just going to through this out there as a non New Yorker who lived in there on a long term work assignment. I noted the prevelance of carry out hot food and salad bars, through out Manhattan. They were extremely convienent. Now I will give you it is not what I exactly think of when it comes to famous New York foodstuffs.

  • Across the street from my office, good for at most three bacon/egg/cheese greasy breakfast sandwiches a year.

  • A New York Salad Bar is one where you buy your salad and then the clerk says:
    “Ey, badda-boom, enjoy your salad, now get outta my f*ckin face, capisce?”

  • This is a rhetorical question, right? Isn’t that place on New York Ave., or like less than a block from it?

  • A “new york salad bar” is further proof that some entrepreneurs in this town think their clientele is so dumb that by simply adding “new york” to the title people will assume it is good.

  • yeah it’s “pay as much as it weighs”, and it costs almost always more than you think it will.

  • Does it have a Columbo frozen yogurt machine? That would add to the authentic “New York” salad bar atmosphere.

  • Does it have piles of greasy lo mein, right next to Jello, right next to fresh mozzarella?

    If yes, then it is an authentic New York salad bar.

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