What the Helen of Troy Happend Here?

DSCN8167, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. It was just so insanely random. Consider this a bonus caption contest opportunity!

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  • I’ll bet it’s a Maytag.

  • What? It was noisy and keeping me up, so I put it outside.

  • You expect me to use a washer with such a low efficiency rating!?

  • Sorry – but on a serious note – kids play and climb inside appliances set outside like this and can get trapped. If you ever see any washers, refrigerators etc. like this, please take it upon yourself to remove the lid. Two kids I knew in kindergarden crawled in one and were found 3 days later, one dead.

  • Washer racing anyone? Better than the dice game

  • Don’t wash your dirty linen in public.

  • Maytag got tagged!

  • Here’s my caption:

    I want to move to Chevy Chase because every resident I meet wallows in their own filth, leaving potentially dangerous killer appliances on the sidewalk like they were a hillbilly in a shack in 1949 and the other jackasses have nothing better to do than grafiti it. A child could die in that and the very callousness, ignorance and disregard for morals and ethics in the people I see around me has change my class politics far to the right of where I ever wanted them to be since that the average lower or middle class person I’ve met in DC is just evil, ugly and should be forcibly evicted. My heart has grown black and cold.

    I hope I win the caption contest. thanks POP!

  • It was trying to escape the house and got tagged?

  • saf

    Neener, I’d be looking inward before I accused others of wallowing.

    And I’m hoping I’ve never met you,because damn, that’s just hostile.

  • Neener wins!

  • May sulked in the corner of the yard after being eliminated in the neighborhood game of Freeze Tag.

  • “I bet the Brave Little Toaster didn’t have to deal with this.”

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