Some More Reader Submitted Scuttlebutt


A reader writes about the store (on Macomb Street just west of Wisconsin) pictured above:

“Some combination of the guys that own Jettie’s and Surfside (and Smith Point and the Rookery) are opening a place called Something Sweet across the street from Cactus Cantina and Two Amy’s. It’s going to have cupcakes, ice cream and coffee.”

Sounds like this could be a chill little spot.

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  • Talking about cupcakes, I used to endure the lines and go to Georgetown Cupcakes off M Street. But I’ve since discovered Hello Cupcakes, right before Dupont Circle going north on Connecticut Ave. Their cupcakes are excellent. For those of you who love cupcakes.

  • douchebags need cupcakes too.

  • These guys are really intent on spreading popped collar douchery around town. Between the beer garden at the Stadium and now this… Luckily I get to this neck of woods about as often as I get to Guam.

    (The Stadium thing on the other hand is a different matter entirely, since I go there frequently. Kind of really pushing the “Is something better than nothing?” question a little farther than that with which I’m comfortable. Hopefully that will be the extent of their spread beyond NW, and they’ll leave the Hill alone.)

  • You guys are more “douchey” than “them” (whoever they are) by constantly insulting people you don’t know. Sorry, but it’s true.

    I’ve always wondered why certain people hate “preppy” people without any real reason other than they way they look. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • SG, why do you assume I don’t know them, or haven’t frequented any of their establishments?

  • Reread your comment. It is elitist and judgmental. Just as much so if someone complains about “annoying hipster yuppies” or “ghetto people”, etc. Painting with a broad stroke is rarely productive or even accurate

  • I know exactly what my comment says. And since this isn’t the first time I’ve been accused of hating “preppy” people, I’ll go ahead and out myself:

    I have a closet full of Lilly Pulitzer, shirts with poppable collars and dresses with little alligators sitting perkily over my left boob, jeans embroidered with little pink whales, corduroys embroidered with pheasants, and strands of pearls. In 2004 you were just as likely to find me hanging in Georgetown as anywhere else. I still know plenty of people who are probably hanging out there as I type this. It is because I know it that I don’t like it. Is everyone who pops their collar an ass? Nope. Do the guys who run Smith Point and the Rookery cater to the assier among those folks? You betcha. Do I want them bringing their brand of nightlife to my neighborhood? Hell no.

    I’m not a hipster. I live on the Hill. I wear a lot of pink. I’ve been known to pop a collar or two in my day while attending a Jr. League happy hour. I’m not judging something that I don’t know. Quite the contrary, actually.

  • SG: Painting with a broad stroke is why God invented Internet comment threads.

  • Gee, a commenter on this blog painting someone with a broad stroke even though they know no details of the project in question. What a shock.

    Next up: a poster under-valuing a home by $50k just because they can’t afford it and are jealous of people who can.

  • i’m just working on my next take down.

    (lol at people defending douchebags)

  • Great post by Nichole. Not nearly everyone who hangs out in G’town or dresses preppy is a douchebag. However, a majority (at least) of people who associate themselves w/ Smith Point, etc are douchey. It’s just the way it is.

    That said, Jettie’s makes the best sandwiches in town, by far.

  • I don’t like the Georgetown / Glover Park frat crowd either, but “cupcakes, ice cream and coffee” doesn’t really sound like Rookery-esque nightlife, unless they have some secret plan to open Smith Point II. I live in the neighborhood, and I don’t know how often I’d go, since I can bake my own cupcakes for less than $4 each and don’t drink coffee. But something like this seems like it could be a good addition to a sort of dreary retail strip.

  • – corduroys embroidered with pheasants??? How did I ever miss those!

  • jetties = overrated expensive sandwiches

    and this place sounds like a place to avoid

  • Sherminator: Clearly you’ve never had the Surfside sandwich at Jettie’s.

    Fresh sourdough, thanksgiving thick hot turkey slices, some sort of avocado spread that isn’t quite guac, good BACON, havarti, and really grainy mustard. It’s unbelievable.

    Expensive, yeah. Overrated, No.

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