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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Rant: garbage disposal is leaking small amounts of water on occasion. A couple weeks ago I got a small screwdriver caught down there (don’t ask) and it was a pain to get out. I assume it punctured a lining somewhere. Anyone got any tips on whether this is fixable or I should just replace it?

    Rave: using rant/rave for home repair tips.

  • Rant: After weeks of calling the mayor’s complaint line to complain about my recycling having NOT been picked up in almost a month and being told every day that I called that they were coming out to pick it up “today,” they finally came…and took the can with them. Now I still have nowhere to put the recycling that’s taken over my tiny apartment and it’s been two weeks since I called for a new recycling bin and THAT hasn’t shown up either. Le sigh.

    Rave: At least it’s Friday, right?

  • Rant: 6 weeks until our wedding… and i have to find a new caterer! Nightmare City, population: me.

    Rave: Thanks, Eva, for reminding me to call bulk pickup for the sofa bed hogging up the living room.

  • rant: this weather is depressing

    rave: my new tatt is awesome. thanks, cyn @ British Ink!

  • Melanie — we used Versatile Foods to cater our wedding in ’04, and I can’t say enough about how great Natasha was. The food was splendid too. (301) 568-7761

  • rant: I had a meeting this morning really early and i stupidly got off a metro stop early because i wasn’t really paying attention then when i come up out of the station its not sprinkling like when i went down its POURING and I’m wearing shoes meant for sprinkles not fire hoses so I made it to the meeting 15 minutes late soaked from the knees down about a gallon of water in my shoes all because i didn’t want to wear my awesome galoshes into the meeting because I was afraid they wouldn’t look professional. I’m not sure walking in soaked was all that professional.

    rave: its friday…thats all i got.

  • Rant: Only just now getting around to looking at my taxes because I mistakenly assumed it would be simple and that my former employer would have actually, correctly withheld taxes in the place where I live (DC) as opposed to the state in which they are located (VA). Why I made such a silly mistake is beyond me since those people really couldn’t do anything right.

  • Rant: Got a parking ticket yesterday. Worst part is, it was totally my fault.

    Rant: Pin busted in my pocket today on the way to work. My pants are ruined, and I look like a fool with a large ink stain.

    Rave: Going to be a great weekend!

  • Rave: As a native Iowan, I’m very proud to be from the third state in the country to approve same-sex marriage. Best of luck to you, my gay Midwestern friends!

    Rant: I’m quite certain that one of my co-workers is trying to steal my job away from me. He keeps kissing our boss’s ass and trying to do things that fall under my jurisdiction. You were not hired to do MY job, damnit! Not to mention getting too big for his britches after being here for only seven months.

    Rave.2: I’m not the only person who is pissed off by this…so at least I’m not alone…
    Rave.3: It’s FRIDAY! And there is blue sky outside my window!

  • saf

    Eva – what ward are you in? Call your ward services coordinator in the mayor’s office.

  • Rant:
    I have an unusual hobby: I collect paperclips that I find on the sidewalk. (Columbia Heights and Petworth are not great places to collect. M Street, K Street and Chinatown are tops!) So while I’m looking at the ground, I notice a remarkable number of AA batteries abandoned in the streets. I’m wondering why so many batteries? Walkmen went out of fashion 3+ years ago, and I think we all know that batteries are terrible for the environment (and can be conveniently recycled at my neighborhood DC USA Best Buy). So what’s the deal? Who throws these away in the streets?

    Rave: I loved today’s “In Defense of”! I closed my office door and giggled for a good 15 minutes. I guess you might have to be familiar with L. to get such a laugh. Thanks Robyn!

  • Sorry to repeat an earlier thread, but tried Pho 14 last night, got there before the big rush, and had a fantastic meal served by a great waiter! So glad that place has arrived and that it’s better than I expected. Definitely fills the gap in CH between expensive (Heights, Pete’s, Commonwealth) and cheap.

    Now, to await the opening of Meridian Pint…they’re making so much progress!

  • Oh, but my big RAVE: BEACH on Sunday for a week! (And taxes are done – don’t owe as much as I thought!)

  • Hooray for gay Iowa! woohoo!

  • Melanie – sorry about your caterer fiasco! I’m sure you know there is a huge variety of price/style/service out there, but I recommend Occaisons, Design Cuisine and Fete Accompli – I’ve worked for all, and these are all very dependable. Pricier than some, but you can always work out the details – buying your own wine etc. However, you are in the heart of wedding crunch time, so everyone is going to be stretched thin – or actually, with the economy, maybe not! Good luck

  • rant: rain soaked my favorite peep-toe heels this morning.
    rave: bought brand new flip-flops at Macy’s SALE after work to replace the heels! (check out the super coupons on virtually every paper today)

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