Good Deal or Not? Under $300k Condo Edition?


These condos are located at 535 Florida Avenue, NW:

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The Web site says:

“It all started with one boarded up eye soar in the heart of the Ledroit Park Historic District! 11 months of labor and dedication turned this property around. We opened up what was left of a fabulous old building and gave it a total home makeover complete with a face lift!”

Large Capacity Washer & Dryer No MORE waiting between loads, fits a King size comforter!
Advance Technology Infrastructure for High Speed Internet, Cable & Phone
Gourmet Kitchen Cabinetry
Exotic Granite Counter tops
Under mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Two Panel Contemporary Doors with oil Rubbed Bronze Finish hardware
Contemporary Ceiling Fans & Lighting
Designer Handcrafted Faux Blinds

More info and photos found here (scroll to the bottom).

The one bed one bath is going for $239,950. The one bed one bath (Unit 2) is going for $279,950. The 2 level two bed two bath is going for $369,900. Any of those sound like a good deal? What do you think of the condo conversion itself?

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  • I think this is the first good deal or not that I could scrape together and afford. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

  • I think its a good deal. The units are small but priced accordingly. I don’t know much about that neighborhood. And I wouldn’t like those tiny sinks. A dishwasher just doesn’t replace the need for a real sink.

  • Looks like a good deal to me and a great renovation… if only it wasn’t on such a busy street I think it would be great.

  • Nice places, and I’ve always marveled at the potential of that area. Some significant shadiness (ie beatings) happen there, not too out of the ordinary for DC, and I hear people say how Howard is a horrid neighbor. But some really classy homes down there, good old school people, etc.

  • It’s a good deal if you don’t mind living on a very LOUD street that has perpetual traffic.

    And on a Saturday night, it’s a LONG walk from Shaw Metro. But if you stay on Rhode Island, you probably won’t get hassled. Probably.

  • This is a good deal. Kudos to them for taking an eyesore out of the neighborhood, doing a quality renovation, and selling their handiwork for a reasonable price. Hope they can do some more like it.

  • Really lovely renovation and a good price, but way too small for me. I got my 2nd floor place for the same price as the basement level, with 240 more sf and a much better location, although admittedly less shiny and new, but I’ll take more space over shiny and new.

  • heh—eye soar. that’s just funny.

  • saf

    “Eye soar” – once again, folks, proofread your advertising. Seriously, it makes you look illiterate to have those kinds of errors in your copy.

  • It is a nice renovation although I wouldn’t want to live on Florida Ave.

    In addition to the eye soar, from the “amenities” page:

    “Nothing says welcome home like a fly spot in the city where you can have it all and not waste your like getting to it!”

    Not wasting my like to get to a fly spot is definitely a selling point~

  • these are on the same block, so all things being equal I think the ones pictured here are a little high. They do look nice though (I don’t know anything about the block).

  • Ill go ahead and say good deal but that’s a really tough stretch of Florida ave to live on with all the traffic.

  • Looked at these three weeks ago- beautiful, beautiful renovation (and I’ve seen many). However, I could hear/understand every single word my realtor was saying when I was in the basement unit and he was in the main floor unit, with all doors closed (one bad aspect of living in a converted row house).

    The basement unit has entrances in front and back, with lots of light, which I thought was really cool. Could be a nice place for someone out there!

  • Walk home at night from the metro? Are you out of your mind? Why is everyone so crazy about walking everywhere and then reporting on the nasty incidents that happen to them? But besides that, I like the little house and can see it as condos. It looks like a house to me.

  • horrid location right on Florida ave. – blech, blech, blech.

  • This developer has done a lot of renovations in DC. The principal is an agent with Re/max. They used to do a lot in Columbia Heights east of Sherman Ave before the market there tanked. For the most part, their work looks great.

  • Took a look at 500-502 #4 (The realtor told me they were going to make #2 an office). I wouldn’t use them as a comparison property- the renovation was nowhere near the apparent quality and they made some very poor choices in floorplan terms to get 2BR/2BA in sub-800 sqft spaces. #4 just sold for $185, after being on the market for ~1.5 years (and coming down from the upper 200s at least).

    The design choices aren’t anywhere near my preferences, but this looks like a good renovation- maybe not quite the price they’re asking for given that all the bathrooms are tub-less (I’m used to those being listed as 3/4 baths, not full baths- after all, where can you take a bath in the bathroom?)

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