Good Deal or Not? Awesome Web Site Background Music Edition


This home is located at 1905 12th Street, NW:

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The Web site says:

“Just Reduced, Please Bring All Offers. FLEXIBLE SELLER. MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER. Opportunity for A REAL BARGAIN. Beautiful upscale renovation. Home is MUCH larger than it appears from the street thanks to a two level rear bump out. Off street parking for two cars and still plenty of yard for grilling and gardening. This home is spacious with approximately 1250 square feet. It features a beautiful country kitchen with ample counter space (granite), hardwood floors on the main level, two master bedroom suites on the upper level, and upscale finishes through out. Move in condition.”

The home has a Web site with more info, photos and some hilarious background music – check it out, here.

This home is a 2 bed 2.5 bath going for $638,499. What do you think of the house itself as well as the price?

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  • Seems overpriced to me, based on the lack of curb appeal. I like the neighborhood obviously. But you can get nicer in this ‘hood for the same price in my opinion. I think $575k would be about right.

  • 1250 sq ft is really not that big for a rowhouse, and at the price to boot.

  • I love posts like this one. I bought an 1800 sf row house three blocks from the CH metro for $580k. Tons of original detail, off-street parking, rentable basement, etc. If a little cookie-cutter like this goes for over $600k, I’m golden.

  • I’d like a little more for my money, like a third level (this home has no basement) and a third bedroom.

  • Cute inside, blah outside, a little small, but can’t beat the location. I would expect them to come down some but not a lot.

  • The wording of that listing is just weird. Snake oil salesmanlike.

    It seems overpriced. Maybe its the photos, but this just doesn’t look like a upscale place. The carpet looks dingy. The kitchen looks better in the photo on Redfin, when it was occupied. The facade is blah and the yard is a complete wreck, front and back. From the photos I think describing room for 2 cars is beyond exaggeration.

    If the owner is that desperate to sell, as the listing implies, they need to bring the price back down to reality. The owner really needs to look at the comps. Not just the address and the price, but also the photos and see what a buyer could get for the same price.

  • I think the part of the listing that says “FLEXIBLE SELLER. MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER. Opportunity for a REAL BARGAIN.” sort of answers the question of whether it’s a good deal or not at 638k. It’s not. This place is tiny for that price and has a very modest interior/exterior. The kitchen seems to be a focus of the realtor, but that’s just an OK kitchen — not chef-grade appliances or anything.

    I’d offer 100k less than asking, and I’d do it with a straight face. In this location and with dueling master suites, the highest potential for this place probably is as a rental property. You probably could get close to 3000/mo for the whole place as a rental, so I’d assume that stream of income and offer something based on a monthly payment of about that much.

  • Sorry 1:29 anonymous, but I don’t think you can compare this neighborhood with Columbia Heights in terms of price – it has always been a fair bit more expensive per square foot, and there are some good reasons for that…

    My guess would be a final price around 600K.

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