Dear PoP – Construction on Park Road

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“Dear PoP,

I live in Columbia Heights and work in Van Ness, and split my commutes between walking, the H2, and riding my scooter. Unfortunately the construction on Park Road has made my scooter commute miserable! Any idea when they’re planning on being finished?”

Hmm, we addressed this same question back in January. At the time the construction was slated to be completed in February. Clearly work is still being done between Hiatt and at least 16th Street. Anyone know the new time frame? I’ll email Councilmember Graham to see what he knows.

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  • I live across the street from this construction that you see in the picture. I have no clue what these guys are doing. They’ve been diggin and diggin and giving me a headache for months. The other day, they dug a few feet into the ground, poured a layer of gravel and now they are back to digging in the gravel again. This must be one of the least efficient and effective cities one can live in. I’ve been dealing with the construction since sometime in January and I don’t see this being finished until after summer. They have finished the sidewalk on the south side of Park, but haven’t finished the south side of the road and I presume this whole process will be repeated for the north side where I live. Someone shoot me!

  • But think of all the JOBS JOBS JOBS this creates. That’s what really matters, right?

  • Sorry, that was out of line. I guess the jackhammering is getting to me too.

  • The Park Road construction is part of the Columbia Heights Streetscape project:

  • One word: Boondoggle.
    The contractor (Justice & Sustainability Associates) is a joke. They specialize in sustaining an appearance of progress, and not much else. They fenced off the park to build the fountain area nearly a month ago, and only yesterday removed the tiles?! The seasons are changing faster (literally!) than these getting the job done.

  • These reconstructions are notoriously slow and always seem to take much longer than anticipated. The Q Street and R Street reconstructions had horrendous delays. It seems the 11th Street reconstruction is also going at a snail pace. There seems to be activity, but not that much progress visible to the layman who lives nearby.

  • DDOT doesn’t enforce the deadlines. That’s the main problem. Fine them for every day of delay and you’ll see results.

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