Super Cool Mural Completed in Ledroit Park


I posted the unfinished mural back in November. At that time in the comments there was some concern that the neighborhood demographics weren’t properly represented. But looking at the completed mural it is most definitely diverse:


There is even a decent likeness of me, if I was a little taller, dressed better, had a better camera and a Nordic girlfriend that is…


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  • this is spectacular and blows so many murals out of the water. this is the kind of mural that brings up a neighborhood.

  • It’s beautiful

  • Wow! Nice to see DC finally doing murals on par with Philly!

  • Ahahahhahahaha a nordic girlfriend, I like swedes, they are cool and they can help me with the Ikea assembling.

    El Puma

  • its well done. but like. I dont get it conceptually. “this is how we live”? Ok I see there are blacks and whites in the mural so thats good. The words are rainbow but I dont see any gays in the mural. certainly have a lot of gays in dc. and how are the people in the mural “living”. Looks like a shit ton of stroller pushers milling about. I just dont see the message.

  • Yeah, and I do not see the Jonas Brothers nor a Salvatruco brother, what’s up with that?

  • what do gays look like anon 11:31?

  • Gorgeous. And Anonymous, sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.

  • That one dog (bottom right) looks gay to me, so there you go.

  • Love the mural postings, but would also really like to see the artists get credit. This one is by Garin Baker, a New York based artist.

  • Great mural. I just hope it doesn’t get tagged. When they take the time to do something this nice/elaborate, are there any treatments they give the art to make it resistant to graffiti?

  • i want to say i like this mural… but, where are the Hispanics? also, where are the Asians? wtf this is racist.

  • Let’s all pitch in and get PoP a better camera… and a Nordic girlfriend.

  • I usually don’t like neighborhood murals, but I give this one my stamp of approval, for what it’s worth.

    ANC 4B just unanimously endorsed a petition for funding to create a mural next to the Takoma Metro station. I’d have voted against it, but since it looks like it’s going to happen, I can only hope it turns out this well.

    I’d prefer a mural more like the bottom portion of the Ledroit Park mural. I’m not very into the top portion. Then again, that might just be me.

  • I’m going to ask now so this’ll stop bugging me: Is it pronounced “Luh-Dwa” like French, or Americanized like “Lee Droyt”? I’ve been in the DC area for nearly 4 years but still don’t know.

  • El derecho

  • I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller.

  • Golden Silence – i have a similar question about “Illinois” Ave. I thought it was pronounced like the State, you know, Illi-noy. However, as my neighbors and delivery people correct me by saying, “oh, you mean, Illi-noise, ave.”

    It’s Illi-noy people.

  • Of course it’s Luh-droyt! Why would you think we could ever handle a Frenchified pronunciation here?! LeDroit was the first name of the father-in-law of one of the two developers of LP… can’t think of the surnname right now, but he built a mansion somewhere near Adams Morgan, and his wife had the first car in the District. He later made a fortune paving US roads…

  • Of course it’s Luh-droyt! Why would you think we could ever handle a Frenchified pronunciation here?!

    I would’ve thanked you for your answer if you didn’t have to get so smart with it. Dag. (And the way you pronounced the “Le” part is a French pronunciation.)

  • Well, it is Luh-Droyt so I guess a combo. Def not Lee Droyt.

    Now, I really wish I lived on Illinoise!

  • Uh, I was being sarcastic – Washingtonians aren’t known for our French accents… Sensitive crowd! “Leh” would be, I assume, the correct French pronunciation. Double dag! Like, gag me with 1987!

  • Reminds me of the movie Monster where Charlize Theron ask for CHA-BLISS at a restaurant ahahahahhahahahhah

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