Hidden Mural on K Street

DSCN7138, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m dying to know what the “oasis in the city” was/is. Any ideas? It was impossible to get this picture without the burger king sign…

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  • That’s the same building as the Andre Chreky salon at 16th and K, isn’t it? If so, maybe Chreky is the oasis although I think he’s being sued for sexual harassment, so not that much of an oasis for his employees, apparently.

  • I think the burger king sign makes the picture.

  • I work across the street from this mural and that BK is like an oasis on days when a hangover cure is needed!

  • Liz is right – it’s for teh Andre Chreky salon and yes – he is a creep!

  • Didn’t Laura Bush and the twins to go that salon?

  • I agree that place is no oasis… I was personally threatened by the salons owners after complaining about their unprofessionalism on yelp. Do not go there!

  • I’d call Andre Chreky’s upselling harassment. Maybe not sexual though. I used to walk out of there having spent almost $200 a month. Even having promised myself “This time I’ll only get a haircut…”

  • By the way, I heard it was Hillary Clinton, during the Clinton Admin, that had her hair done by Chreky… which is making me think it all might be urban legend. My hair always looked like a bad news reporter’s when I came out of there.

  • I used to love the cuts I got here. I was a client for years, but the owner is such an ass, I’ve been adrift in the sea of DC salons for a couple of years now.

  • The painter didn’t use the right paint. The mural’s been trapping moisture since the day it was painted, until ultimately the stucco failed and fell off. A lesson why masonry shouldn’t be painted, or if it is that you use mineral based paints; not oil, not laytex and definitely not elastomeric.

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