Columbia Heights Coffee Offers New Breakfast Specials


Columbia Heights Coffee located on 11th Street between Park and Monroe is offering a pretty good breakfast special. Though I have to admit, I’ve become pretty addicted to the egg sandwiches and tater tots over at Red Derby… Any other good breakfast specials out there?

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  • I had a Sausage Egg and Cheese bagel on Saturday. It was good, but the 50 (yes, fifty) minute wait for the food was totally unacceptable…especially when they weren’t *that* busy.

  • In 50 minutes I could have read City Paper…

  • Seems a bit steep to be considered a “special.” Although Dunkin Donuts is a chain (omg!), the ladies in there know me, are personable, and have even offered me free baked fancies (I turned them down because I don’t want to become a fatty). The breakfast sandwiches are consistently great every time.

  • I can’t imagine finding 50min worth of material to read in the City Paper… I’m usually done with it in 10min.

  • The Eatmore FC breakfast sandwiches are much better than the ones i’ve had at CH coffee, and it’s cheaper than these “specials,” too

  • All caps here and there, bland fonts all mixed up, yellow-tinged photos… signs like this one don’t make breakfast feel “special.”

  • wow, they have good breakfast sandwiches at EatMore? what kinds? how much? good news!

  • ugh, i just don’t get why people like this place – just because they’re the only local coffee shop in the neighborhood? that doesn’t mean that they deserve my business when their food and service is abysmal. i’ve given them several chances, but I just can’t do it anymore.

  • they have bacon/sausage egg and cheese, chicken biscuits and homefries at eatmore. like $2 and change for a breakfast sandwich. and the coffee is pretty good too.

  • Flip It makes an excellent bacon, egg, and cheese on croissant sandwich. Yum.

  • saf

    NH – I haven’t eaten there, but I like the coffee and have always had good service.

    I don’t like breakfast sandwiches. I like either a biscuit or something like that, or a whole real breakfast.

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