Wanna Join the PoPtrekker Team?

Filming the first volume of PoPtrekker was lots of fun. Thanks for all the nice comments. Anyway, I have lots of ideas and would love to make this a weekly feature. My man, intangible arts not only blogs, has a day job, is a talented musician, but also has a lovely wife so it’s not fair of me to take up too much of his time. He’ll definitely be a big part of the project on at least a monthly basis. But I wanted to see if anyone else out there had a video camera, some editing skills and a couple hours a week (twice a month) to film some other volumes. If you’d like to join the team send an email to [email protected] Stay tuned for the next edition of PoPtrekker at the end of the month.

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  • I can’t help, but I am dying to see somebody try all the chinese takeouts. It’s certainly as risky as anything they’ve done on Globetrekker.

  • I wanna see some coverage of H Street, Potomac Ave, Rosedale, Trinidad, and Anacostia. (I’m serious) It would be interesting to find hidden jewels outside of the average PoP reader’s comfort zones….

  • only if you promise not to say “PoPtrekker” in that fake british accent again . . .

  • Awww – you’re such a nice dude – sorry for razzin’ ya bout the church name!


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